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Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Rise of Zammy Stardust...
Like a leper messiah I shall creep up into my mind...
Without prompting or Jedi mind tricks, three close associates have explained to me a theory, which will become the launching pad for my fame. Apparently, if you have a message and people like that message, you can gain a following and that following can grow to a cult, and that cult into a state, and that state into a global power. Therefore, i have decided to annoint myself Zammy Stardust and you, you shall be my spiders. Only 2 days in the South Bay and I am already looking to fill in David Koresh's sandals. This whole California thing might just work out, especially now that I just found out that you can get avocados on everything. EVERYTHING! Even subway sangwitches (you take the boy out of the south side but...)!
I saw the Pacific for the first time yesterday. It frightened me to think of how small I am compared to it. It could swallow me whole in one bite. The good news is that Chino is listening to Bob Marley. He is well on his way to becoming an angry young man.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I am posting some of my blog from myspace on here so Y'all can have something to read while I build this puppy up.
Armed Madhouse
You know I'm a student of History so, I can tell you that before every major armed conflict there has always been a HUGE expansion in the production of weapons. Europe was saturated with arms shortly before both world wars. We in the US now produce more weapons per capita then any other state in the world and the corporations that make, trade and supply ammo for those weapons make the kind of money usually only reserved for oil sheiks. So, why do we spend 400 billion a year on our military? Do we need to spend more on our military then the next 25 NATO countries combined? Are we gonna win a war against these guys running around in pajamas with nuclear powered subs and stealth bombers? Or, could the answer to why we have military bases in every corner of the world be discovered if we follow the money trail?
Read on:
It's nothing short of genius and explains how our lives are being manipulated and controlled by power whores and money freaks.
and for added comfort watch:
Get angry or get extinct.
Is Dick Cheney the root of all evil??
Here you watch this and decide for yourself.
Asians aren't so friendly
Man, what a week it has been! I saw the Kings digs in Memphis, went looking for UFOs in Roswell and was viciously attacked by a Joshua tree in Joshua Tree National Park. My apartment is up and running, at least about 80% or so there bouts and the neighbors are angry because, I managed to talk the owner into letting me keep the pooches. At least I think thats what they are mad about. Its either that or that time I woke them up at 5 a.m. with a bullhorn in the courtyard of the building, announcing to them that the terrier and chihuahua are my dogs and they are, under no circumstances, to eat them. Speaking of eating there is no question as to when lunch time in Torrance, California is. All one needs to do is open a window and the stench of fish heads boiled in urine will alert you of that fact. Other than the hostile Vietnamese and Chinese people (the Japanese are cool, but it took a good bombing to get them that way) everything is Culo. Speaking of Culo, white women who drink Corona deserve sodomy. There is nothing more ignorant or obnoxious than a white girl's bachelorette party. I could explain this all in detail but anyone who has ever witnessed the fake horniness of a liquered up white girl knows exactly what I'm talking about.
It's time for the Purculator!!!
Thats right it's time baby! Man, I was reading about this guy who, in trying to convince his fiancee to marry him, ran down his street naked. So, the guys got the balls to do this crazy thing, but some dude comes walking down the street and he does what any normal, American kid would do, when you don't want people looking at your schlong when your naked(?), he jumps behind some bushes to wait till the people pass. The guy walking down the street sees the guy in the bushes, pulls out his gun and starts waving it around like he's living in Deadwood or some shit. This, of course, scares the naked guy, who then does what any normal American kid, who doesn't want to get his schlong blown off, would do; he runs! Charles Bronson, with the piece, shoots the poor sap and so much for the power of romance to make a guy do something crazy. Seriously, why do we bother with the illusion that everything is cool in this country? If you feel so fucking frightened about walking down the street, that you just have to carry a gun and need to pull it out everytime you feel threatened, then something is seriously wrong with the fabric of our society. Terrorists dont have to blow up any buildings to win a war. All they have to do is run down the street naked. That would frighten us so badly that I'm certain we would give up all control and power to anyone who promises to protect us from the almighty power of the penis.
For further instruction, please see:
A bed time story: Ann Coulter's Mutilated Vagina Fart
Once upon a time a filthy, horse face, low-life whore went to law school. Upon graduating she couldn't get a real job and men treated her like the filthy, horse faced, low-life whore that she was even though she had a law degree. So, she did what any filthy, horse faced, low-life whore would do, she got politics. She was swept up in a myriad frenzy of black crack babys, welfare queens and gays who were asking for trouble and got it. What little heart she had left had died and turned into a prune. Then one day a terrible man with a long beard and a large pile of cash destroyed two temples built in homage to the God of Wealth. Many people died and from the rubble was born an era of suspicion, confusion and hate that had never before been seen in the history of the once great land. The filthy, horse face, low-life whore and all of her filthy, horse faced, low-life whore friends saw, in all of this, an opportunity to make lots of cold hard $. And so, without remorse, shame or a shred of decency in their blackened souls they went on about the business of saying and writing the most disgusting pack of lies they could imagine. They did this over and over again and people throughout the land either ignored it or ate it up. But, there were a few people who were on to the filthy, horse faced, low-life whore and all of her shananigans. So, they chose a great warrior to ride into battle against the filthy, horse faced, low-life whore. The warrior struck a fatal blow to the filthy, horse faced, low-life whore in the twat, which sent her reeling and cowering for shelter. The filthy, horse faced, low-life whore had one last trick up her sleeve and as the warrior hung over her, ready to strike her down, the filthy, horse face, low-life whore pulled back her business suit to reveal her mutilated vagina, from which she blew a tremendous fart knocking the warrior to the ground. The warrior, now dizzy and incoherent from the fall, looked at the mutilated vagina and said to the filthy, horse faced, low-life whore, "You will suffer enough if I let you live. No one will ever listen to you again or believe anything you say once they see that filthy, horse faced, low-life, mutilated, whore's vagina of yours." And with that the filthy, horse faced, low-life whore crawled into a cave where she spent the rest of her days babbling about how things were better when she was a kid.
The LA Report
Its official! I will be Californicating come the end of this month. I was lucky (I guess you would call it that) to find an apartment that let me keep my pooch and only cost me $1225 a month. What a fucking bargain! I shouldn't complain. The majority of two bedroom shitholes we explored were going for alot more and refused entry to my doggy. And in case you are wondering alot more is in the 1400 to 1600 range. 10 miles from the beach in beautiful Torrance, CA will be where i hang my helmut. The upshot is Chino's school will be across the street and it is a California distinguished school with kick ass scores! It's a mostly Asian community so the math scores are out the window and though I will probably have to change Aikido styles, the good news is there are plenty of other schools around. Driving is completely insane out there. I was nearly T-boned at an intersection by a scrap metal truck full of Mexicans and almost killed a pedestrian (apparently they believe the crosswalk is an inpenetrable shield out there). Four huge expressways and if you can imagine westbound 290 on a friday night after 4pm, you get the idea. They even have traffic on Sunday night. Sunday, fucking night! What kind of a sick depraved city has traffic on a sunday night; not evening, night! Despite the lunacy it appears to be a decent place, filled with very laid back people. I did start to miss the tension in the air and didn't have a single ese vato loco stare me down the whole weekend, which really made me homesick. There may be better places to live than Chicago but no place will be as dear.
Point of clarification
Im taking shit for not believing that we should allow people to come to this country to be exploited. Granted, I find myself on the side of the argument usually reserved for paranoid retirees, fat housewives and skinheads but, you have to see my intentions. People come to this country and are mercilessly exploited and fucked over by a system that only wants them for their muscle bound, brown, backs. They have no power, no voting rights, no voice and allowing it to continue because it makes me feel good to be a humanitarian is a bad fucking idea. Period. On the other hand militarizing the border is a retarded fucking idea. If they can put troops on the border to keep the "little brown ones" out, they can put them anywhere in our country to keep the rest of us in. I'll be glad when Mexico becomes the worlds only super-power. Don't laugh, they have the potential if not the cojones. It will be great to see honkeys high jumping walls, swimming through rivers and running barefoot in the desert only to sell oranges on some dusty Mexican highway.
Fucking Mexicans and their Bullshit!
All you mother fuckers that are going to be taking Monday off have got steel coated balls and skulls filled with turds. Has it occurred to you fuckers that you are being used? Heres the deal; I spend an enormous amount of time reading, watching the news(not the local bullshit: NPR, CNN, BBC, C-SPAN etc.), arguing with people about current events. I go back and forth with this shit and have been politically active since my teens and always try to challenge ideas that most people consider conventional. I've walked from here to the moon handing out campaign lit. I've even been elected to a small political post in Berwyn. It has been an often aggravating, vicious struggle to put human injustice and misery into perspective. The most disgusting thing about all of this is that, I have come to notice that people just don't give a shit. You can tell them that on June 2nd the govt. is going to detonate a huge bomb so they can figure out how to build a better nuclear bomb and how thats going to cause death and destruction and global political instability AND NO ONE GIVES A SHIT! But, mention a day off from work and everyone becomes Abby Fucking Hoffman! It's sickening to me that the only way to get people to respond to issues, even ones that don't effect them (like immigration: face it if you are here legally, you have nothing to bitch about), is to bribe them. So, I propose an experiment. All of you who have people working for you should pay all of the employees who show up to work on Monday time and a half for the whole day. If it works and it gets people to come to work on Monday, then maybe we can get Congress to give employers a tax credit next year. We'll call it the "Lazy Wetback Tax Credit". And the best part of this will be that the next time one of these full of shit, chickenhawk, organized pimping associations starts spreading the idea of people not going to work to make a point, people will ignore it for fear of missing out on what really counts; CASH ON THE BARREL HEAD BITCH!!!!!
The rich get richer and Ann Coulter sucks Demon cock
Some 92 year old filthy rich lawyer went to U of C half a fuckin century ago and he is about to give them 6 mil. Do you see why Capitalism sucks? This is one of the most prestigious private colleges in the country with some of the highest paid faculty and professional facilities and some geezer is just going to hand them 6 mil like they need it. Jesus, give the money to a school that needs it. Ann Coulter, is about to release a book proving once and for all that liberals hate God and Jesus. How do these people do it? how do they love money so much, that they think that poisoning people's minds is worth it? Is there no shame to them? Seriously if any grizzly bears out there are reading this, would one of you please eat Ann Coulter next time she out camping? That way she can leave this planet the same pile of shit that she came into it as. Filthy twat!
Thanks for coming by. I promise to show you a good time while you are here. For those of you reading my stuff on "my space", I apologize for leaving you. I was tired of the porno and the 18 year olds and in some cases the 18 year old porno. I just thought it was time to move on and really give this blog thing a really good crack. And "my space" was too distracting; it's too hard to type a blog when you are trying to masturbate to pictures of people's feet and as some of you know I'm going to take a real crack at becoming a serious writer that writes about nothing seriously. So, I promise the same level of absurd nonsense, vulgarity and pussy fart jokes that I have always delivered; it's just gonna happen here instead.
Stay Angry!

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