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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Armed Madhouse
You know I'm a student of History so, I can tell you that before every major armed conflict there has always been a HUGE expansion in the production of weapons. Europe was saturated with arms shortly before both world wars. We in the US now produce more weapons per capita then any other state in the world and the corporations that make, trade and supply ammo for those weapons make the kind of money usually only reserved for oil sheiks. So, why do we spend 400 billion a year on our military? Do we need to spend more on our military then the next 25 NATO countries combined? Are we gonna win a war against these guys running around in pajamas with nuclear powered subs and stealth bombers? Or, could the answer to why we have military bases in every corner of the world be discovered if we follow the money trail?
Read on:
It's nothing short of genius and explains how our lives are being manipulated and controlled by power whores and money freaks.
and for added comfort watch:
Get angry or get extinct.

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