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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's time for the Purculator!!!
Thats right it's time baby! Man, I was reading about this guy who, in trying to convince his fiancee to marry him, ran down his street naked. So, the guys got the balls to do this crazy thing, but some dude comes walking down the street and he does what any normal, American kid would do, when you don't want people looking at your schlong when your naked(?), he jumps behind some bushes to wait till the people pass. The guy walking down the street sees the guy in the bushes, pulls out his gun and starts waving it around like he's living in Deadwood or some shit. This, of course, scares the naked guy, who then does what any normal American kid, who doesn't want to get his schlong blown off, would do; he runs! Charles Bronson, with the piece, shoots the poor sap and so much for the power of romance to make a guy do something crazy. Seriously, why do we bother with the illusion that everything is cool in this country? If you feel so fucking frightened about walking down the street, that you just have to carry a gun and need to pull it out everytime you feel threatened, then something is seriously wrong with the fabric of our society. Terrorists dont have to blow up any buildings to win a war. All they have to do is run down the street naked. That would frighten us so badly that I'm certain we would give up all control and power to anyone who promises to protect us from the almighty power of the penis.
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