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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The LA Report
Its official! I will be Californicating come the end of this month. I was lucky (I guess you would call it that) to find an apartment that let me keep my pooch and only cost me $1225 a month. What a fucking bargain! I shouldn't complain. The majority of two bedroom shitholes we explored were going for alot more and refused entry to my doggy. And in case you are wondering alot more is in the 1400 to 1600 range. 10 miles from the beach in beautiful Torrance, CA will be where i hang my helmut. The upshot is Chino's school will be across the street and it is a California distinguished school with kick ass scores! It's a mostly Asian community so the math scores are out the window and though I will probably have to change Aikido styles, the good news is there are plenty of other schools around. Driving is completely insane out there. I was nearly T-boned at an intersection by a scrap metal truck full of Mexicans and almost killed a pedestrian (apparently they believe the crosswalk is an inpenetrable shield out there). Four huge expressways and if you can imagine westbound 290 on a friday night after 4pm, you get the idea. They even have traffic on Sunday night. Sunday, fucking night! What kind of a sick depraved city has traffic on a sunday night; not evening, night! Despite the lunacy it appears to be a decent place, filled with very laid back people. I did start to miss the tension in the air and didn't have a single ese vato loco stare me down the whole weekend, which really made me homesick. There may be better places to live than Chicago but no place will be as dear.

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