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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Point of clarification
Im taking shit for not believing that we should allow people to come to this country to be exploited. Granted, I find myself on the side of the argument usually reserved for paranoid retirees, fat housewives and skinheads but, you have to see my intentions. People come to this country and are mercilessly exploited and fucked over by a system that only wants them for their muscle bound, brown, backs. They have no power, no voting rights, no voice and allowing it to continue because it makes me feel good to be a humanitarian is a bad fucking idea. Period. On the other hand militarizing the border is a retarded fucking idea. If they can put troops on the border to keep the "little brown ones" out, they can put them anywhere in our country to keep the rest of us in. I'll be glad when Mexico becomes the worlds only super-power. Don't laugh, they have the potential if not the cojones. It will be great to see honkeys high jumping walls, swimming through rivers and running barefoot in the desert only to sell oranges on some dusty Mexican highway.

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