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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The rich get richer and Ann Coulter sucks Demon cock
Some 92 year old filthy rich lawyer went to U of C half a fuckin century ago and he is about to give them 6 mil. Do you see why Capitalism sucks? This is one of the most prestigious private colleges in the country with some of the highest paid faculty and professional facilities and some geezer is just going to hand them 6 mil like they need it. Jesus, give the money to a school that needs it. Ann Coulter, is about to release a book proving once and for all that liberals hate God and Jesus. How do these people do it? how do they love money so much, that they think that poisoning people's minds is worth it? Is there no shame to them? Seriously if any grizzly bears out there are reading this, would one of you please eat Ann Coulter next time she out camping? That way she can leave this planet the same pile of shit that she came into it as. Filthy twat!

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