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Saturday, August 05, 2006

And for a moment I was in a rap video.
I was driving along the freeway and all of a sudden a helicopter crosses the highway shining it's searchlight. It looked like that part in the terminator movies when the hunter killers were seeking out humans to destroy. I looked and realized that we were driving over Compton. Than I realized that I wasn't in a post-apocalyptic nightmare but, in an NWA rap video. How cool is LA??
The corn-rolled thug probably evaded captivity, but in all likelihood he was hunted down and beaten into submission by angry, uniformed brutes.
In other LA gansta news...
I'm finding out that the biggest problem here is gangs. There are Vietnamese gangs, Chicano gangs, Chinese gangs, white gangs, all kinds of gangs. Apparently, there is no shortage of bad mojo or white, wife beater shirts, regardless of race.
The people of LA respond to their gang problem in a very un-california way. They have militarized their police force and given them license to bludgeon the innocent and not so innocent on sight. Fortunately, for me and my family I can afford to live far away from battlefield Compton and don't have any need to drive anywhere near the Rampart. These are places where devils fear to tread and God abandoned long ago. Boy, this town is rough if you are broke or stupid.

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