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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


All i can say is Thank God we missed that one. Wait, technically we can still be in the apocalypse. According to the article the 22nd is the day the apocalypse begins. Actually its the beginning of the apocalypse according to right wing lunatics. The sad part is that alot of dopey people reading or listening to these nuts will buy into the whole thing, run out and buy duct tape. At this point in history you would think we would have evolved beyond the need to hunt down witches and scare ourselves silly with all that nonesense about the end of the world. Its pathetic especially when about 60% of the survivors of hurricane Katrina still haven't got their lives together.


So, we keep wasting effort and resource on maintaining a system that dazzles us with Paris Hilton videos and allows our children to die and murder in the name of better liposuction, lazik and prozac. We want to spread democracy, at least thats the excuse. But, it has recently occured to me that we have forgotten that, all this democracy and freedom jazz goes back to guys like John Locke and Jefferson, et. al. And the most important component of this concept, at least in terms of nations, is a little something called self-determination. That is the right of free nations to determine that they are going to do WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY PLEASE! I can't see how we the people are upholding the idea of democracy when we allow our government to determine the economic, political and social fate of the people of Iraq:


In case you are wondering if this is an isolated case, I can assure you it is not and there are numerous historical examples. The collection of tyrants, lunatics and murderous pitbulls on the US payroll will one day bring the republic to it's belly. Chalmers Johnson wrote a mighty fine book on the subject of "Blowback" (yes, thats the title). Make no mistake about it, we don't need to be told the apocalypse is on its way to be frightened. Those of us paying attention have been afraid for quite some time and the boogey man wears pinstripe, lives in a gated community and won't stop until he has raped this world of all of it's resources.

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