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Monday, August 14, 2006

I know it looks kinda strange but this is the best of the best of the best freaking food I have eaten in the world! Its a little tiny Japanese noodle place in Gardena called shin... shin shin guy.. no wait... shen shin... oh fuck it... it was awesome! This will probably be my place for the remainder of my time here. It blows every Japanese restaurant in chicago away! It's oodles of noodles above the rest. The sushi guy 2 doors down is ready to bomb the joint cuz they have a line around the building and he's feeding yesterday's spam to his family to survive.
In cocksucker news today...
Fry's has really let me down. the electronic superstore has shown it's contempt for my will and will pay dearly for it's insolence. The manager was a shifty little Mediteranian type in a poor fitting suit. His boss will get the nastiest letter he's ever received and Zorba is going to get his ass handed to him as well. Rat bastards!

Will Write for Food:

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