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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My MP3 player is trying to fuck with my head or warn me of some real serious shit coming down the pipe.
For three nights in a row now:
"The killers breed on the demon seed. The glamour, the fortune, the pain. Go to war again, blood is freedom's stain. But, don't ya pray for my soul anymore. 2... minutes... 2... miiiiiiiiiid-night, The hands that threat-ten doooooooooom. 2... minutes... 2 miiiiiiiid-night. To kill... the unborn in the woooooooooooomb!"
It's not supposed to do that, but it keeps looping back to that song and it's really starting to creep me out. Y'know what also creeps me out? China and India. These are two backwards nations but, they really seem to be poised to stick it up our red, white and blue asses real soon:
especially now that they are back on the silk road. Don't worry though, I'm sure the US will do something akin to whispering "that chinese kid said your mama sucks Pakastani cock" into India's ear. the world is a playground and we are the biggest most fucked up bully on it.
This fella seems to be the only one crazy enough to "punch the bully in the face", as Pres. Bush once said (no not the current one, the one that started the two tone hair craze)
And a final thought. Is it just me or is Carson Daly completely disturbing to look at? He was weird and doughy a few years back on TRL but, now he's just plain ol' frightening. I've seen homeless, pedophiles on Santa Monica Pier that look more approachable than him. And can that show be any less funny? Who is writing that shit, a 19 year old with a brain injury? jesus, Carson, give me a call if you want funny. Only in LA can you get an audience that will laugh and applaud at everything this dummy says.

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