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Monday, August 28, 2006

No really, It's the gayest place on earth...
Now you know I have nothing vs. gay people. I'm a friendly tried n' tru. BUT MAN, San Diego is GAY! Really GAY! Forget what you think you know about Frisco, San Diego is it's fiesty, little queen sister just waiting to find it's first glory hole. They have a beautiful zoo and I do recommend Sushi Itto on Washington St. but, watch out for the waiters cuz they are all on the rag. Honey, the last time i saw that many rainbow flags in one place, I was at a leprechan convention. I feel gay just writing about it. And will someone please control the two tone hair thing it's starting to spread to LA. The women there look homeless. They dress like coked out, homeless crack whores. jesus Christ, I lived throught he 80s and have no intention of living through two tone hair again. The chick from "Berlin" did it and it was sexy for all of 15 minutes but, it's over now! You slacker generation types can go get your own bad styles and leave ours dead and buried in my yearbook where they belong.
Anyhow, my jack russell, Mojito, will be gone soon. He was a good dog but, just can't seem to adjust to life out here. He will be a Mexican as of this wednesday; my inlaws have graciously accepted taking him back with him to the Yucatan. He has been loyal and smart but, he is miserable out here and can't handle life in a 2 bedroom apt.
That is why the Chihuahua is the superior force in the dog world and will never be in danger of Bcoming extinct; They don't need alot of excercise, are just smart enough to bark when they think danger is near and are as cute as the day is long. I will stick to them or the breed of choice for apt. dwellers, the Toy Fox Terrier; downside with them is they haven't much of a shelf life and unless you get yourself a real heatlhy specimen your looking at 10 years tops with them. 7 if you are lucky.

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