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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Peter King, House Chariman Director of Homeland Security wants to use racial profiling to ferret out the evil doers. Ok, is it just me or have all of these Republicans completely lost thier fucking minds? David Cross once said that not all Republicans are psychotic, racist, homophobes, just the ones they choose to represent them. Not only is George "Macaca" Allen getting in on the brown bashing, but now comes word that Paul Nelson (R), a Wisconsin Congressman, has come up with this ingenious little gem of a way to tell who is Muslim, "Well, you know, if he comes in wearing a turban and his name is Mohammed, that's a good start."
The good news is that it won't matter what color you are at the airport because depending on your expression you might be given the ol' shakedown anyway:
Which really complements that device I wrote about earlier. This is a crazy idea but, I'll throw it out there and you guys run with the ball. How bout', come this fall we get rid of all of these assholes and start with a fresh crop of assholes? I'm getting really tired of these people in power. How bout you? Have you had enough yet? It won't be enough to vote. We are going to have to go out find a really good local candidate, who you feel represents your ideas, then we are going to have to work, at least 2 hours a week knocking on doors, handing out flyers, making calls, etc. And then if that doesn't work, if our votes get disqualified for hanging chads, or we are disenfranchised as voters, if something un-American happens this fall, then I say we grab sticks and torches and bring the whole fucking parade to a halt. No more Lattes, no more H3s, no more pilates, no more lies. We march to the capital, call for general strikes and demand our country back from the real evil doers, who have fucked us over the last 20 years. Whos with me??? Oh sorry, I'll try back later when you aren't playing on-line poker.

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