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Thursday, August 10, 2006

The stress of not having any stress is getting to me.
Maybe it's a form of PTSD but, my stress free lifestyle is really starting to fuck with my head. I had a dream about being placed in charge of all the people I used to know at the old government office I had to deal with. I was put in charge of streamlining their operations, a task made all the more difficult by being surrounded by incompetent and mildly retarded beureaucrats. These people reminded me of petting zoo animals. It was really more of a nightmare because as i was trying to maximize the potential of each of my little zombies I had my cell phone company on the line trying to explain to me why it was absolutley neccessary to charge me a $600 fee for services that i had never even used. Man, it was weird and depressing. But, the good news is I woke up around 11am, had a cup of coffee and by then everything had returned to normal. Just another sunny day in South Califas (God I hate powerlines).

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