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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tom Cruise kills puppys in this building. at least that is what I suspect happens in this den of wierdness. It is the world headquarters of the church of scientology and it is getting a make over so I couldnt' get a very good shot of it. It's blue, is about a city block long and has a huge cross adorning the top of it that some alien Jesus might have been duct taped to long ago. Seriously, is this religion any crazier than any other? Everyone leave those knuckleheads alone, please. They haven't caused any deaths that I'm aware of or keep creepy sex dungeons in the basement and as far as I know half of the entertainment world worships their religion's founder and his alien messiahs. And don't think for a second that what you read about Tom Cruise getting the boot from Paramount is true. Summner Redstone is a lowlife cocksucker of the same sleezy mold as Ruppert Murdoch, he wouldn't get rid of Cruise or any other cash cow in his stable for reasons of decency. He loves money and responds only to market forces decency and morality are the farthest thing from his mind. Speaking of sleezy cocksuckers:
I fucking hate William Kristol. I love the Jews; they are a great people and they should always consider us Cubans, their greatest allies but, they must seriously come together and force Billy boy from their ranks. He is a pathetic excuse of a man and here is further proof:

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