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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I expect the level of stupid ass comments from our fearless leaders to quell somewhat during the political season. It seems, however, that there is no shortage of stupid ass comments or stupid asses. Michael Wynn, the Secretary of the Air Force wants to use "non-lethal" weapons on rowdy American protestors. For those who aren't sure what a "non-lethal" weapon might be imagine a cannon that might be mounted on top of a vehicle, but instead of shooting bullets or cannon balls or even water, this cannon would shoot out things like microwaves or emit some high pitched noises that would make you sick or make your head feel like it was going to explode. His reasoning is that it would be better to use it on our own people than to have a bunch of Arab terrorist types saying we are torturing their people. So, field test it in the good Ol' USA and then use it on the rowdy crowds in the Middle East.
Well, how bout this for an idea. We take a 55 gallon drum filled with un-popped popcorn and we cram it up Mr. Wynn's ass. Then we point the working end of that portable torture chamber at Mr. Wynn and set it for about 3 minutes. We do this in the middle of downtown Baghdad, that way we will have exported something totally American which the Iraqis might actually like and be grateful for.
Speaking of dumb asses please see this video. It proves once and for all that Dennis Hastert is the biggest douche bag on capital hill besides Ted Stevens of Alaska, but not as big a douche bag as Zell Miller. Notice that half of these morons don't know to face the flag when singing and the other half don't even know the words. Pathetic!
By the way, the picture is me in my prime and no less angry. Even back in the Army I was rebellious and thus volunteered to play the role of opposition force in every exercise. Those are my bros Webb and Coe and a big HuuAhh to them.
Stay Angry!

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