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Monday, October 30, 2006

The above image is for entertainment purposes and not intended to promote any copywritten characters fictional or otherwise and is not the physical or intellectual property of this author or his associates except for the actual picture of this author, which is intentionally altered to avoid the viewer from turning to stone. Futhermore, I have lost a few pounds but this picture makes me look fat.
WOW! it's hard avoiding being sued. I can see how lawyers make their living. When not kicking puppies, all that legal mumbo jumbo must really take up most of the day.
I fucked up my GRE's, man! a measley 950 on the basic exam and I'm scheduled to fuck up the English proficiency exam this Sat. (wish me luck) No worrys. I have prayed to Odin for guidance and I'm certain it will work better than last time (to hell with you Crom!)
I'll be back next week with my exciting election special blog post complete with insults and profanity. As Brittany would say, "Holla back Y'all!!!!"

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