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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Yeah!!! Allright!!! The Great AMERICAN Past Time! But this time it's going to be more than just a "comma." This time we are going to go kick some ass that has been begging to be kicked for a long, long time! I know we are at war already. I know we haven't really tied up any of the loose ends from the war before last and that those loose ends are now freying. Hey, fuck it man! There is no way we are going to pass up the opportunity to beat the piss out of IRAN! That great Satan Bullshit had it's day and now it's time to pay up; the bill is past due and those funny black robes and long grey beards will not be tolerated. Chicks in Tehran will wear blue jeans again and American firepower will make sure it happens.
Really, it's going to happen and we got the nukes enroute...
Man, it's gonna be awesome! We are going to make this whole 600k dead iraquis:
look insignificant. Never mind that N. Korea's lunatic in charge now has the bomb. GWB could have dealt with him years ago, but instead he waited for crisis mode to kick in and of course his way of dealing with any crisis is to blame everything on Clinton. Well, it's either blame it all on Clinton or ask his buddys in the media to make sure it doesn't get reported:

Will Write for Food:

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