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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hey guess what? The Rumsfeld doctrine is a fucking failure!
No one would ever have guessed it. Imagine that jackass being given and righteously taking credit for his blitzkrieg style assault on Baghdad. He sends us in with only a portion of the troops he was advised to use saying we could get the job done. Cheney backs the bullshit up with his "we'll be greeted as liberators"
line and low and behold a few weeks later Saddam is having ticks yanked outta his beard. What Rummy and the knuckleheads putting this new FSO together have chosen to ignore is that, Saddam's army had been decimated by ten years of war with neighboring Iran, a good thorough red, white and blue ass kicking in the 90s and nearly ten years of sanctions and no fly zones covering most of his country. We had him down to old men in khakis and soviet-era bolt action rifles. If this is not acknowledged by our future military leaders in the field, we can only expect future failure. Of course, all of this should be expected by the same people who brought you:
While all this war business means big business, there are people here at home suffering unjustly because of the patriotic guilt trip laid on them decades ago. We have money for war and all the instruments necessary to fight them, but we never seem to have money to clean up the mess it comes with (Don't even get me started on depleted uranium).

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