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Monday, December 18, 2006

Once in a great while i get to stick it to whitey. Well, I managed to not only stick it to him good but, I got a Wii too, baby! Ooooh yeah! The Japanese may have lost the war but they are winning the hearts and minds of the American slacker with this little booger. It's not the muscle car of the console world but, it's a nuclear powered go cart with an awesome eight track player and a cup holder that fits your favorite bong. The story goes...
I was at Target, consuming like the rest of the sheep, when low and behold I see in a display case a box containing what i thought to be a the time a display box for the Wii. Curiosity got the best of me and I just had to ask if that was the real thing or just another target mind fuck. The lovely Nubian queen at the camera counter had me waiting for some time while she caught up on some ghetto scandal that she missed, supposedly while she was working. But, my patience paid off andshe confirmed my hopes and quickly went to fetch my new Wii, when suddenly an evil blue eyed devil tried to rip the last of the highly coveted boxes from her hands, proclaiming that the console was his because he had been waiting for it. She pulled the box from his evil clutches and made a "B-line" right for me, telling him that I was in fact the rightful owner of the last Wii. White folk get angry funny and Mr. Manhattan Beach condo would be no exception. He and his oppressive, thin lipped wife, whined and cried fouled immediately and when a young corn rolled brotha showed up they laughed and mocked his position as a leader within the Target world. How dare they, I thought. So, I lingered about for 2o minutes pretending I wasn't sure if I wanted it or not. The entire they time all they did was complain and whine and circle around me like vultures. But, I eventually grew tired of my own game and slapped down the plastic. Mr. Charley would have to return to his polo pony world empty handed. The market had decided. Whitey had been defeated, at least for today.

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