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Sunday, January 28, 2007

More hatred, less fear

Fear is useless; whether it is fear of a trap door opening under you in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard or fear of corporate fascists who would silence you. I begin with a big shout out to Randi Rhodes who, when I can, listen to on Air America Radio. She won a case against a murderous group of butchers known as CACI International. They were the folks who brought you Abu Ghraib, though you wouldn't know it if you only watched American media outlets. Our media found a bunch of hillbilly dropouts to blame the whole thing on and these pigs at CACI, Blackwater, Titan, et. al. walked. Randi spoke truth and, though I'm certain it cost her and her employers some green, she fought it out and won.
It's the kinda story that gives me faith in the system. Though not much, because if the system had it's shit together the only ones on trial would be the gut eaters who are stealing our tax dollars in the name of liberty. Speaking of stealing tax dollars, ever wonder what happens to military surplus items? The Iranians and the Chinese use it to prepare for war against us: http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/01/16/military.surplus.ap/
Of course, most money we spend as taxpayers goes towards positive things right? Building and re-building the infrastructure of countries we helped destroy is the American way. We have big hearts and big wallets to go with our big bombs. Unfortunately, we have become complacent in our everyday lives and the result is people doing things in our name that we wouldn't approve of: http://corpwatch.org/downloads/AfghanistanINCfinalsmall.pdf
But, none of this should come as a surprise. You are as tired as I am or your neighbor is or anyone you know is with politics. At the very least you are distracted and please don't deny it or make excuses for it, I understand. Lincoln Steffens was right, however; "we deserve the government that we have." This is as true now as it was a hundred years ago when he first wrote it. So, sit back, relax and don't worry, cuz when we all float down Hollywood Blvd. with our third degree suntans and some Jesus freak is waving a rifle at your kids on the roof of the Griffith Observatory those cocksuckers who pull the strings will fly away to their mountain top bomb shelters and ride out the apocalypse and that big ol' trap door won't be so threatening

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Part 2: The Horror... The Horror...

Sunset Boulevard is the home of emptiness. Production companies line the street for blocks and Masaratis are parked next to shopping carts and the odor of Coco Channel mixes with that of urine. It's the kind of place where the fake world of Hollywood meets the reality of shattered dream afterbirth. I vomited on a little Asian man who resembled Hunter S. Thomson and no one, including him, noticed. It was strange to walk down a stretch of street for an entire mile and see nothing that offered the human spirit any hope. Hollywood High was about the only cool thing there. It's where Stephanie Powers, Mickey Rooney and numerous other Hollywood talents went to high school; like anyone of this generation cares. The Citizens Commission of Human Rights has it's headquarters there. The latest exhibit is titled: Psychiatry, Industry of Death! Like I said, not a hint of hope for miles. I think I saw Dr. Dre and Ed Lover, the "Yo, MTV Raps" guys in front of a production studio. But, I'm not walking up to a couple of black dudes who look like Dr. Dre and Ed Lover and asking them if thats who they are. Chances are if it isn't them an ass kicking is sure to follow and I can assure you that Sunset doesn't need anymore blood on it's concrete than it already has. Probably the only exciting thing was watching a walking schitzo yell obscenities at everyone including me. Maybe we all deserve to be called cock sucking, faggot-ass, mother fuckers, shit, fuck, mother fuckers. But, I'm sure if the fella was in the right frame of mind he wouldn't be walking Sunset yelling that stuff out in the first place and I'm certain he wouldn't be sporting a black, satin, flight jacket with a Nazi Swastika lapel pin. I'm just glad he wanted to know what my "big, fat, fucking cocksucking ass was looking at?" instead of asking me what my big, fat, fucking, half-Mexican, cocksucking, ass was looking at?", cuz that might have led to me beating an insane mans, sick, crazy, ass.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hollywood: Home of the Dumpster Dive

This is the least funniest place on earth. What the hell happened to Kimmel? He used to be funny(Man Show) according to some of you. You can't see it on this photo but etched into the building facade are the immortal words: "Masonry builds its temples among the nations and in the hearts of men". Sadly, it is now a temple of toilet humor and misogyny and home to one of the least funniest late night hosts in history, next to Carson "The ghastly doughboy" Daly. But, I think my aggression towards these bastions of Hollyweird are due to my disappointment. I was hoping 4 junkies and whores begging to be put out of their misery at every corner. It didn't happen. No vomit was involved in the writing of this post. I expected action; hot, bi-sexual, pierced up, speed ball fueled action and instead I got a neutered old goat that once had the mandibles of a California saber tooth. The dildos , tattoo parlors and bong vendors are there, but they remind one of the zit-faced teens in animal costumes at a theme park; a wandering child, wrapped in a copy of an illusion. Young, two-toned punk chicks in skin tight jeans, sport "Dead Kennedy" shirts and stare vapidly at their sandal wearing, sk8tr boy, fuck buddies. Tourists from Idaho avoid eye contact with the homeless, who incidentally are extremely docile here. Not at all like Chicago or other cold, hard cities, where the difference between a Popov poisoning and the shakes is tailing a mark for a city block. I suppose that there is a price to pay for living in a place with comfortable, year-round, weather and people with a tolerance for pitching a tent made of a tarp and two shopping carts in the middle of a sidewalk. The unspoken rule that the homeless must follow here, is to keep to themselves and stay away from the beautiful people. Depending on how far one walks down Hollywood Blvd., the allure of Thai massage parlors at once becomes overwhelming. My advice is to stay away from the ones with dark windows and void of any English writing on the outside, unless you must absolutely have your genitals fondled by a six fingered (all of them on one hand) octogenarian. Oh and about the footprints: Christopher Walken is one of the greatest American actors ever; period! And I shall take no lip from anyone concerning his status as one of the greats. So, why the hell are his precious little tootsy prints at rest next to that Philistine's, the so-called "Duke's". John Wayne was not that good of an actor. If not for his role in "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance", "True Grit" and "The Quiet Man", I would have defaced his star on the walk with a giant turd from my own ass. Face it the guy made a lot of movies but he was no Pacino. He appeals to the ugly American in us all and that will be his true legacy.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Chihuahua, My Paella

AWWWWWWWW, Hell NAW!! You know you want to try my Paella! It was delicious and the pan is from Spain courtesy of my favorite conquistador, The Madrid Mangler, JuanJo. Ya can't make it in a regular frying pan, don't you dare try to make it in a wok (I will slap you) and if you try to make it in a pot you are a philistine! And Please please PLEASE, don't put a bunch of crazy shit in it. Pork, chicken, shrimp thats it! You can use lobster tails if you want to splurge and you "gots it like that". Otherwise, Sit down and enjoy the delicious taste of Spain with a bottle of "Sangre Del Torro" and the great company of your family and friends; thats what I did this New Years. i hope your's went just as well. Happy New Years! Lets hope everything gets better now that the Democrats are in charge and Saddam is gone.

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