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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Chihuahua, My Paella

AWWWWWWWW, Hell NAW!! You know you want to try my Paella! It was delicious and the pan is from Spain courtesy of my favorite conquistador, The Madrid Mangler, JuanJo. Ya can't make it in a regular frying pan, don't you dare try to make it in a wok (I will slap you) and if you try to make it in a pot you are a philistine! And Please please PLEASE, don't put a bunch of crazy shit in it. Pork, chicken, shrimp thats it! You can use lobster tails if you want to splurge and you "gots it like that". Otherwise, Sit down and enjoy the delicious taste of Spain with a bottle of "Sangre Del Torro" and the great company of your family and friends; thats what I did this New Years. i hope your's went just as well. Happy New Years! Lets hope everything gets better now that the Democrats are in charge and Saddam is gone.

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