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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Part 2: The Horror... The Horror...

Sunset Boulevard is the home of emptiness. Production companies line the street for blocks and Masaratis are parked next to shopping carts and the odor of Coco Channel mixes with that of urine. It's the kind of place where the fake world of Hollywood meets the reality of shattered dream afterbirth. I vomited on a little Asian man who resembled Hunter S. Thomson and no one, including him, noticed. It was strange to walk down a stretch of street for an entire mile and see nothing that offered the human spirit any hope. Hollywood High was about the only cool thing there. It's where Stephanie Powers, Mickey Rooney and numerous other Hollywood talents went to high school; like anyone of this generation cares. The Citizens Commission of Human Rights has it's headquarters there. The latest exhibit is titled: Psychiatry, Industry of Death! Like I said, not a hint of hope for miles. I think I saw Dr. Dre and Ed Lover, the "Yo, MTV Raps" guys in front of a production studio. But, I'm not walking up to a couple of black dudes who look like Dr. Dre and Ed Lover and asking them if thats who they are. Chances are if it isn't them an ass kicking is sure to follow and I can assure you that Sunset doesn't need anymore blood on it's concrete than it already has. Probably the only exciting thing was watching a walking schitzo yell obscenities at everyone including me. Maybe we all deserve to be called cock sucking, faggot-ass, mother fuckers, shit, fuck, mother fuckers. But, I'm sure if the fella was in the right frame of mind he wouldn't be walking Sunset yelling that stuff out in the first place and I'm certain he wouldn't be sporting a black, satin, flight jacket with a Nazi Swastika lapel pin. I'm just glad he wanted to know what my "big, fat, fucking cocksucking ass was looking at?" instead of asking me what my big, fat, fucking, half-Mexican, cocksucking, ass was looking at?", cuz that might have led to me beating an insane mans, sick, crazy, ass.

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