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Monday, February 26, 2007

Mana from Heaven

Did you know that at the last supper they ate Chik-fil-a? Or that Chick-fil-a cures cancer? Oh but it does. How bout the fact that if we were to airdrop Chick-fil-a on the Middle-East we would instantly have peace. Pour the Polynesian sauce on on any open wound and it will instantly mend. Bathe daily in the sauce and you will live for 900 years. It is the most delicious substance on earth and they are located on the West Coast, which is great news because the power of Chick-fil-a can stop earthquakes. The only thing it cannot do is revive the dead, but then if the dead were smart they would have eaten a Chick-fil-a just before dying and they wouldn't have found themselves in that position. If I could, I would marry a Chick-fil-a sangwich, cuz they are awesome. God Bless you Chick-fil-a!!!!

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