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Monday, March 12, 2007

Jesus, Windows Vista is a Pain in the Ass!!

It's annoying, man! I don't get it??? How is this OS supposed to make me go WOW!, like the commercial says? All it did was make the icons on my desktop bigger and maybe increased the speed of the computer, other than that it took 2 hours to load, 3 system re-formats, because of "conflicts", no less than a dozen reboots and the re-installation of at least six different programs; oh and by the way Mcafee doesn't work on it and Firefox can't run "fuck all" on it. Fucking Gates! His way or the super information highway.
Anyway, computers suck! Too bad there aren't more arcades like the one you see here. We discovered this place and had a blast. They had a shit load of games, forget Enchanted Castle, this place has outdoor mini golf, laser tag, a pizzeria and even a water slide (I luv California). The entire back area is full of old school games like: Galaga, Centipede, Pacman, a ton of Pinball machines and even a couple of those old school racing games like Pole Position. Rock on Camelot, for though art the mightiest most bad ass castle in all South Cali!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dude! That's Dustin Hoffman!!!!!!!!!``

Thats the thought that flashed across my brain this afternoon when I FRIGGIN SAW DUSTIN HOFFMAN, the Little Big Man himself at the L.A. Museum of Contemporary art (small A). Before you ask, YES, it was THE Marathon Man, Straw Dog, Midnight Cowboy, Graduate and Tootsie in the flesh! I'm certain that the sight of my jaw dropping shock caught his attention and he, I swear to you on the eyes of my Chihuahua, smiled right at me! I almost died on the spot, cuz I'm a huge fan of his! But, he was admiring Magritte and apparently a big fan cuz he was taking the audio tour. So, what could I do? I wasn't going to bug the guy. Would you stop Jesus in the middle of the street and ask for an autograph??? Hell no! So why bug one of the greatest living actors of our time? He deserves to enjoy art and not have some mug bogart his time. Besides, I doubt i would have been able to get out anything more than, some weird grunts; I was star struck, baby, by one of the biggest stars out there. So, Dustin just smiles and looks at me like I was insane, then goes back to admiring surrealism's godfather. I totally love Hollywood!

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