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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cabby You Creep!

In every state in America, a bar owner is liable to lawsuit if a bartender serves too many drinks and a customer dies in an auto accident. Hand a chainsaw to a child, you're in legal trouble. Until Bush signed the 2005 protect-the-gun-makers law, the same common law against negligent distribution applied to firearms.
-Greg Palast

What a terrible thing that happened at Va Tech! Fucking Pyscho, I hope he rots! And if we really give a shit about waht happened and don't want to see it happen again, then we have to shut down these right wing nuts that believe that the constitution provides for the common joe owning a Barrett .50 cal. It's retarded to allow violent, sick, people access to high powered rifles and hollow points. And by sick, violent people I mean ALL AMERICANS! Don't think we are sick and Violent? Go back and watch "Bowling for Columbine" or don't take Michael Moore's word for it read, "Overthrow" by Kinzer; he's got plenty of material to demonstrate the violent historical nature of our country. And by the way, how is it that the same nuts who are ok with little kids murdering each other with AKs have such a problem with a woman deciding when the kid she can't take care of or love would be better off dead? Whats the fucking difference whether it's in the womb or the street or in the 3rd tri-mester or sixth grade? The fucking hypocrites should be hung by their cocks.

In lighter news, I ran into Ernest Borgnine at LAX the other day. He asked me what flight the luggage coming down the conveyor belt in front of us was from and as you know, I am very easily star struck so, I just froze up and pretended I was deaf and retarded. He was a great guy. Shook hands, even signed an autograph, with a huge smile I might add, for a youngster. You know he is cool, after all he saved Snake in that alley. I wonder how he got through airport security with those molotov cocktails in his luggage? He is not to be harmed in the race war!
Newt Gingrich is such a douche bag. Not only does this not mke any fucking sense but, he just goes on and on and ultimately he's so off the mark. The only ones that want to silence people are his buddys on the religious right. Fuck him:

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