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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dude, Sweet!

Apparently Ray Bradbury is an old SoBay boy so, he comes out to Torrance once a year and signs books and gives a speech. They wheeled him out last week and he did just that at the Torrance civic center before a packed house. Man, is he the coolest ever! He told us about his friendships with Bernard Bertrand and Federico Fellini; totally fucking hip and totally avant-garde! The old fella was a real charmer and I was lucky enough to get my copy's of 451 and Dandelion Wine signed by him and I even got to shake his hand. He is really getting on though so, don't be surprised if we hear that he has joined Vonnegut sometime soon. He is a living legend and I don't often get giddy about things but this was a real treat!
Speaking of naziesque behavior; when is the Iraq war going to end? The Dems have done what we should always expect them to do, which is bend over and take it up the balloon knot. Why can't I vote for that fucking party you ask? Because it is the home of douche bag, cry babys that are never satisfied with anything and fat-faced liars who would do and say anything to remain in power. If you tell the American people you are going to do something, don't make excuses; do what you said you were going to Washington to do. The Republicans, much to my chagrin, tell people they are going to force gay people to go into hiding, make school children weep for the crucificion or create death squads to kill hippies by the road side and by golly they at least try to get it done! Personally, I can't wait for the next election. I'm certain that people are going to either avoid the polls, be disenfranchised by Republicans like last time or get stuck with the Hillary option (who incidentally isn't fit to be dog catcher). That's cool, cuz I figure we can get back to some good ol fashioned book burnings soon as this peace craze blows over. Oh, guess what? It looks like it has now that Cindy Sheehan is fed up with the Dems too. Who can blame her? We live in a nation where people care less about what is going on in another country, that we have invaded, than keeping count of Lindsay Lohan's drug rehab schedule (what is this, the second or third time?).
The children are doomed.

Monday, May 21, 2007

It's all Kabuki theatre anyway!

I'll give it to the Dems, they have an all star line up of diversified, culturally competent, new school and old school players ready to save the U.S. from the likes of Cheney and KBR. At least it's not the same tired ass collection cry baby's and stiff East coast types. I might actually be able to vote based on my hate for the white man, instead of my fear of the white man this time. The republicans, as expected, have hauled out the usual motley crew of rich honkeys who love jesus and dine on gay, Jew baby hearts; some of them have even rejected evolution (seriously). Now, as most of you know i used to be a die hard republican; before it meant being a fascist bible thumper, being a republican meant accepting that government can't do shit for you that you can't do for yourself. That meant that the government couldn't tell a woman not to terminate a pregnancy or tell a young family in the ghetto that the only way to get out of the slum was to use food stamps or that the only way to love ones country is to shut the fuck up and support the troops and don't ask questions about no bid contracts. The party was a bit more libertarian in those days and that republican party no longer exists; sorry it just doesn't. I wish it did, but there is no going back now and to those in the party who are there and lament Jerry Falwell's passing i say: FUCK YOU! THE GUY WAS AN ASSHOLE AND SO ARE YOU! I HOPE THE DEVIL IS CRAMMING A STICK OF DYNAMITE UP HIS UPTIGHT, SELF-RIGHTEOUS ASS RIGHT NOW! FUCK JERRY FALWELL, ALIVE OR DEAD (i had to get that out)!
The republican party is now the home for gay hating, jesus freaks and the fifty percent of Americans who don't believe in evolution but, believe that Nascar is a fucking sport. You've got Huckabee who thinks creationism should be taught in schools, Romney who wants to double the size of Guantanamo, though most credible human rights organizations agree it should be shut down, Rudy who's only claim to being a good leader is being the mayor of NY on 9/11 and Tancredo who despises Mexicans and thinks that Jack Bauer will save us if terrorists strike. Those of you wondering why I don't love McCain I can only say that, yes, I liked the guy but lost respect for him in the last couple elections when he let Rove and Bush off the hook after they called his wife a drug addict and said his children were mud baby's from an extramarital affair; any man who would put politics before family doesn't deserve my vote. Basically, it looks like the GOP is sitting out this next election; guess we will have to wait until Jeb Bush decides to run to be afraid of being Americans again. I will miss the days of having to put off vacations outside the U.S., but it's a small price to pay if we can get our collective sanity back.
It's really to early for all of this. Why are all of these people getting lined up 18 months before the shit goes down? I don't get it. Why is everyone in such a hurry to replace the worst president in history? I mean they are having debates and everything. Could it be because now that the office of the presidency and politics in general has been so tarnished, so irrevocably made to be despised, the only way is up and the next president will be able to do everything short of murdering an infant on live television and still look like Kennedy? After what we have just been through for the last 8 years I don't blame people for feeling weird about politics, but we get the kind of government that we deserve and if we don't demand that these party's give us better alternatives, we will get more of the same; better yet we should demand more than just these 2 lame ass political parties. Whats wrong with have a Socialist or a green or libertarian or even fascist party candidate. It's diversity that strengthens the democratic system and makes us appreciate our system of government. Jesus, are we that shell shocked and traumatized by the Bush years that will settle for anything at this point?

Monday, May 14, 2007

Christ, Venice Beach is Gross!

I swear if I never see another homeless hippie again it will be too soon. Look, I'm pretty open minded and have a real, I won't fuck with you if you don't fuck with me outlook on life; but after visiting Venice Beach I am ready to give the national guard the green light to go down there and and start collecting ears. Seriously, I don't think I have ever seen a person smoke a doobey in broad daylight, with hundreds of people around him right in front of cops; the fucked up part wa he wasn't the only one. I would have pictures for you of this collection of walking abortions, but those so-called, non-conformist, dirty haired, anti-corporate, Eco-warriors want you to give them money if you snap a pic of them. Well, I say FUCK THAT! It will be a cold day in Venice (Italy) before I crack my wallet for a picture of someone being useless and drawing perfectly good oxygen. The only thrill I got was watching a couple of black chicks beat the shit out of each other in front of a crowd on the boardwalk. It was quickly broken up by LAPD; yeah right! They took their sweet fucking time getting to the scene even though they were less than 25 yards away. I swear to god, if those chicks had been wetbacks those fuckers would have dropped their donuts and gone in swinging their clubs. By the way the mayor of LA, Villa- whatever the fuck his name is, is one useless fuck. He's no Daley. Tricky Dicky would have been all over that MacArthur Park shit and had half the police department strung up by their balls with the cooperation and full support of the police union. What Venice Beach needs is a Dicky Daley to go down their, kick all those useless fucks off of the boardwalk and turn Venice Beach into a nice place where families and tourists can go to blow all their hard-earned cash without being subjected to tarot cards, pyramids and patchouli.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Walking on the moon

Either Sting is the greediest Yogi master on the planet or he's the greediest cunt from North London ever. Seriously, why do these old ass, overly rippened, rock stars always feel the need to relive their glory days. Things run their course and if you missed out on seeing them the first time around tough shit! Sting doesn't need those guys to draw a crowd. It's like a 70 year old pimp getting his old hos (not the nappy headed ones)together to turn tricks and make that money. This is why this generation is so screwed up; their parents are selling their own childhoods back to them. Perhaps it's the need for the older generation to live vicariously through their youngsters or maybe some of us just never got over new wave; in any case it's bullshit. How are these kids supposed to discover new and interesting art forms, which ideally is how you keep art alive, if we keep throwing Gene Simmons and Run DMC at them?? It's because of this regurgitated garbage, that we keep force feeding them, that these dopey, young minds think that bullshit like Good Charlotte and All American Rejects are cutting edge. For fuck sake; everyone leave the kids alone! Let them figure it out and stop telling them whats good. They will stop using gum pants and two tone hair but, we have to back off and let them come up with their own shit. We learned in the 80s that synthesizers are not a substitute for shredding on an axe; there is no need to keep re-learing that lesson.

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