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Monday, May 14, 2007

Christ, Venice Beach is Gross!

I swear if I never see another homeless hippie again it will be too soon. Look, I'm pretty open minded and have a real, I won't fuck with you if you don't fuck with me outlook on life; but after visiting Venice Beach I am ready to give the national guard the green light to go down there and and start collecting ears. Seriously, I don't think I have ever seen a person smoke a doobey in broad daylight, with hundreds of people around him right in front of cops; the fucked up part wa he wasn't the only one. I would have pictures for you of this collection of walking abortions, but those so-called, non-conformist, dirty haired, anti-corporate, Eco-warriors want you to give them money if you snap a pic of them. Well, I say FUCK THAT! It will be a cold day in Venice (Italy) before I crack my wallet for a picture of someone being useless and drawing perfectly good oxygen. The only thrill I got was watching a couple of black chicks beat the shit out of each other in front of a crowd on the boardwalk. It was quickly broken up by LAPD; yeah right! They took their sweet fucking time getting to the scene even though they were less than 25 yards away. I swear to god, if those chicks had been wetbacks those fuckers would have dropped their donuts and gone in swinging their clubs. By the way the mayor of LA, Villa- whatever the fuck his name is, is one useless fuck. He's no Daley. Tricky Dicky would have been all over that MacArthur Park shit and had half the police department strung up by their balls with the cooperation and full support of the police union. What Venice Beach needs is a Dicky Daley to go down their, kick all those useless fucks off of the boardwalk and turn Venice Beach into a nice place where families and tourists can go to blow all their hard-earned cash without being subjected to tarot cards, pyramids and patchouli.

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