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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dude, Sweet!

Apparently Ray Bradbury is an old SoBay boy so, he comes out to Torrance once a year and signs books and gives a speech. They wheeled him out last week and he did just that at the Torrance civic center before a packed house. Man, is he the coolest ever! He told us about his friendships with Bernard Bertrand and Federico Fellini; totally fucking hip and totally avant-garde! The old fella was a real charmer and I was lucky enough to get my copy's of 451 and Dandelion Wine signed by him and I even got to shake his hand. He is really getting on though so, don't be surprised if we hear that he has joined Vonnegut sometime soon. He is a living legend and I don't often get giddy about things but this was a real treat!
Speaking of naziesque behavior; when is the Iraq war going to end? The Dems have done what we should always expect them to do, which is bend over and take it up the balloon knot. Why can't I vote for that fucking party you ask? Because it is the home of douche bag, cry babys that are never satisfied with anything and fat-faced liars who would do and say anything to remain in power. If you tell the American people you are going to do something, don't make excuses; do what you said you were going to Washington to do. The Republicans, much to my chagrin, tell people they are going to force gay people to go into hiding, make school children weep for the crucificion or create death squads to kill hippies by the road side and by golly they at least try to get it done! Personally, I can't wait for the next election. I'm certain that people are going to either avoid the polls, be disenfranchised by Republicans like last time or get stuck with the Hillary option (who incidentally isn't fit to be dog catcher). That's cool, cuz I figure we can get back to some good ol fashioned book burnings soon as this peace craze blows over. Oh, guess what? It looks like it has now that Cindy Sheehan is fed up with the Dems too. Who can blame her? We live in a nation where people care less about what is going on in another country, that we have invaded, than keeping count of Lindsay Lohan's drug rehab schedule (what is this, the second or third time?).
The children are doomed.

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