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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Walking on the moon

Either Sting is the greediest Yogi master on the planet or he's the greediest cunt from North London ever. Seriously, why do these old ass, overly rippened, rock stars always feel the need to relive their glory days. Things run their course and if you missed out on seeing them the first time around tough shit! Sting doesn't need those guys to draw a crowd. It's like a 70 year old pimp getting his old hos (not the nappy headed ones)together to turn tricks and make that money. This is why this generation is so screwed up; their parents are selling their own childhoods back to them. Perhaps it's the need for the older generation to live vicariously through their youngsters or maybe some of us just never got over new wave; in any case it's bullshit. How are these kids supposed to discover new and interesting art forms, which ideally is how you keep art alive, if we keep throwing Gene Simmons and Run DMC at them?? It's because of this regurgitated garbage, that we keep force feeding them, that these dopey, young minds think that bullshit like Good Charlotte and All American Rejects are cutting edge. For fuck sake; everyone leave the kids alone! Let them figure it out and stop telling them whats good. They will stop using gum pants and two tone hair but, we have to back off and let them come up with their own shit. We learned in the 80s that synthesizers are not a substitute for shredding on an axe; there is no need to keep re-learing that lesson.

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