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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hooray for Hollywood!

You are looking at 1 of only 2 production stills from my new movie project titled: Wood, Steel, Plastic. Once it is done and has been submitted to USC or CalArts or both for consideration of admission to film school, I will be posting it probably on You Tube. The shooting of the film is nearly completed and I have a few more scenes to shoot before editing can begin. That's my homie Henry and he was a real sport. We woke up real early a couple times and with the help of my buddy Shanks, we were out at the crack of dawn making movie magic on Hermosa Beach and slugging down Irish car bombs with Sean Young afterwards. What a treat! I'm in a better mood now that Paris Hilton is back behind bars. I certainly feel safer and would only feel evan safer if she were sharing a cell with Osama bin Butthole in a dark, secret CIA prison in Turkey. I have been caught up playing the XBOX 360, which Henry brought into town and now i must reignite the synapse in order to get back to reading and studying film. That should explain the stagnant state of my reading and viewing lists. But, truth be told that Dead Rising is the shit! Especially if you are as big a fan of horror movies as I am, especially the zombie ones. I played a bunch of other games on the system including a few first person shooters but, Dead Rising is awesome! Also, I was impressed by the system's speed and graphics. Nice stuff but, till the price drops below $200, including a hard drive and a game, Bill Gates can kiss my Cuban ass.

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