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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Yes there is a Doctor in the house!

We did it! My vieja is now the doctor of Love! A Psy.D comes in handy when you are job hunting and though the last few years have been trying and tough, the light at the end of the tunnel is clearly in view. Now, if I can get my ass in gear...
Writing is taking up alot of my time and working on my films has been a nightmare, especially since the software I'm using is harder than Ron Jeremy in a room full of blonds and less user friendly. I have been working late into the dawn and produced very little, but that is better than most writers are capable of. Most days I resemble the fella in the picture, but for me, forward is the only direction in which the shark can move. I'll take an 8 hour stretch at the keyboard with nothing to show for it, over 8 seconds @ a cubicle, with a fat paycheck, a cup of starbucks and an employee of the century parking space any fucking day of the week. god bless those who do it, but this kid's moved on to greener pastures; so you can keep yer pursuit of the perfect SUV, yer flow charts and action item reports. My parachute ain't golden, in fact the fucking thing has holes in it; but, i'd rather hit the ground and feel the rush, then glide through it all and say it was a snooze fest.

Will Write for Food:

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