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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

LA IS BURNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what the apocalypse tastes like. Jesus Christ, you can't walk outside without getting a lung full of darkness. I came outside and found my car had ash on it and the sky has been black for days now.
That was a week ago. The creepy thing is that I live far from where the wildfires are still burning. Though, i was @ Disney last week and it was pretty dark and you couldn't see very far South. It looks like things are getting better but, I hope they catch the low life who set the fires and stick a hot poker up his ass.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ho's Gotta Eat Too!

I was a big fan of Miami Ink on TLC so, when Kat got her own show I was like, totally rad and awesome dude! So, far the series hasn't been that great and the lack of friction between the people in the shop has given the whole thing that phony LA thing that nobody acknowledges and
everyone from these parts seems to embrace. Whatever! But, the zeppelin hit the control tower tonight as Jenna Jameson went in for a tat at the West Hollyweird shop on tonight's episode. First off, they introduced her as Jenna Jameson, entrepreneur. What a load of bullshit! She's a fucking porno whore. That's it! don't care if she made a million selling vibrating, silicone molds of her twat (she really did), she is a porn whore first and foremost. Look, I'm self-righteous and a total prick about alot of things but, I'm right on this. The bitch did what she had to do to get to where she is; I won't pass judgement, but I'll be damned if I just sit back and pretend she didn't make her money doing gangbangs and girl on girl shots. She got inked up with a quote from Joan of Arc, "I am not afraid, I was born for this." The whole time she was sitting there talking shit about how she conquered the corporate world by being a tough as nails, hardcore, business, cunt that fired people without mercy and took no prisoners in the boardroom. Bitch please! You know damn well you can't claw your way to the top laying on your back! Seriously though, I don't care if she made millions getting her every orifice stuffed, at least have the dignity to say, "I'm a ho and I made it by being a ho." Don't pretend that the years you spent with your feet in the air and the cameras rolling never existed; she must have lost her mind, at least the part that deals with memory . If Joan of Arc, which she claims to have studied extensively, were alive today I believe she would have willingly, thrown herself into a bonfire knowing that a woman was making $, not to survive but to be able to wear Jimmy Choo. And by the way, the picture is of Jenna when she was good looking. She now looks like that spice girl that married Becks, but with half her face chopped off "my main man" (bonus points if you know the reference). I still love Kat von D but, sweety, next time you have a phony in the hot seat make em' bleed real good or at least give them a tat of a penis with their name in the place of the shaft.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Fuckers Hit Me Again!

Jesus, what the fuck is going on with my hood? Now, my bike got stolen out of the rear carport! It was locked so those son's of bitches must have lifted the whole thing and taken it somewhere to cut the chain. I am so moving. When I can afford it. Maybe. If i can.
This is what happens when "Childrens" don't learn. I know the argument about cruel and unusual punishment and I believe in the constitution but, I don't understand what would be so wrong about maybe just taking a couple of fingers off of one of their hands. Fuck, even if it was their non-dominant one I'd be happy. You know, cut off the balls of a rapist, the fingers off a thief. If it were up to me we'd lobotomize half the hardened (violent) criminals in prison. Maybe it's a good thing it's not up to me.

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