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Friday, November 02, 2007

Scare the Shit Outta Me Whydontcha??

Happy Belated Halloween! We had a good one. We celebrated Chino and Irina's B-day with all the kids we could find and nearly had to shut things down when the Dance Dance Revolution got to crazy. I went as a zombie, Irina as a witch and chino a pilot. His costume was cool but he refused to wear the GWB mask i was going to get him or the sign i was going to hang on him that reads "Mission not Accomplished." I shouldn't use my son to make political statements but, so what? Check back in a couple of weeks because i won't be writing anything until after Nov. 15th or so. That is the deadline for my applications to a couple of graduate programs. keep your fingers crossed for me. This time next year i will either be a Comparative Literature student at UC Riverside, a Screen writer at USC or a film student at Cal Arts!!!

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