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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jacked In (Just Call Me Copper Top)

Oh my god, it's a curse and a blessing! I haven't blogged or written anything in ages and it's all to blame on the 360. It is an awesome piece of space zombie technology for which America's numb and stoopid must give thanks for everyday. Forget the war, aids, debt, environment etc.. Give every home in the republic one of these little bad boys and access to all the games you want and you could run Bin Laden as a candidate in the next election and no one would notice. Fortunately, My mind is wired to jones for the low tech mediums, like a book, from time to time and I must break away from the rapid fire ones and zeros. If I can get past this next level of gears of war I might actually consider going for a walk. I think the chihuahua has gained 40 lbs and taken to shitting on his own bed, which wouldn't be a big deal except that he sleeps with me. XBOX FEVER. CATCH IT!!!

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