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Monday, March 31, 2008

CNN: A Broken Record Should be Smashed to Bits

For Christ's sake, man! CNN has been relentless with the goddamn black, racist, preacher story for going on 3 weeks now. Even those shitty local networks have moved on to how Hillary is scraping by and can't even pay the health care insurance of her staffers. It's a non story. Let me say it again, IT'S A NON STORY! This is a prime example of how the media distorts information in an attempt to railroad someone. This is what they did to Howard Dean when he yelped on stage a few years back and it's what they did when a bunch of lowlifes tried to discredit Kerry's honorable service to this country. Except this time if blew up in their faces and no one cares. In fact, BO gave what is one of the best and most intelligent speeches on race relations in this country in years. I got sick of all the racist commentary being portrayed as intelligent discussion and wrote that bloated asshole and legendary wetback hunter, Lou Dobbs this note:

"Would you please move on! We get it, Lou. You and the rest of white America are terrified of having an angry black man running the country. I'm from Illinois and I assure you, Barack Obama is not going to send you back to Europe. Now why don't you and the rest of the paranoid Anglos on your network focus on something with substance. Hey, I know... we've just spent five years fighting one of the most unpopular wars in American history. Maybe that's newsworthy???"

The fact is, that the fifth anniversary of our illegal invasion of Iraq came and went and the media totally ignored it. The 4000th death in Iraq happened and the media ignored it! Instead, they showed a fearsome black man in Kente robes pounding a podium and damning this country to hell for it's negligence of duty and fear of the unexplainable. Do you want to know why black people are still angry at white America? I'm not going to tell you. Instead, you can just draw the same tired ass conclusions that Dobbs and the rest of those morons have come to. But, those of you who want to understand should read books like, "Buried in the Bitter Waters" or "Strength for the Fight". These books illustrate the hurdles put in place against blacks by a white majority, apartheid, government who condoned the systematic oppression of people of color for over a hundred years after the end of slavery (longer if you count the fiasco that was the aftermath of hurricane Katrina). The injustices didn't end with the emancipation proclamation so you'll have to excuse young and old black folk alike, if they don't feel like shuffling around, singing, "Don't Worry, Be Happy." The picture above illustrates the world that Jeremiah Wright was welcomed into. And Dobbs sits there rubbing his brow asking how can someone in that man's position be so angry??? Well, don't worry you dumb cracker, cuz when the meek inherit the earth, this November, we'll make sure to make it clear to you. You'll get to keep your precious gated communities and i promise you won't miss out on a single golf outing, but just don't expect forty acres and a mule.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Why Haven't They Written?

Fucking Christ! It's like waiting to find out if my cock is going to fall off. I sent nine applications out and have only had one response in three months (fuck you too, Irvine. I heard you ain't shit, anyway). What are they fucking doing? They must be monitoring me to see at what point I will go completely insane. They are going to wait until I am apprehended by the fuzz for running naked through the park to tell me that I'm not accepted. Is this a good thing? It can't be bad, right? Maybe there are a room full of these professors sitting around around looking at my application and all the shit i had to send in and they are like, "Well, i think this deserves the best invitation to join our program ever! Send him an offer for a full scholarship including a weekly Thai massage and a pair of Gillian Anderson's pantys as a bonus." They won't take calls! They have pre-recorded messages saying I can go fuck myself if i think calling them is going to speed things up. Now I know how all those Mexican girls i dated felt (I'm sorry, Pepita). Goddamn it, man this is killing me. I have had to go and apply at Loyola because of this waiting bullshit. Loyola for fuck sake! They don't have much tolerance for atheist, secular, humanists at Catholic Universities. I swear if they make me take any religion classes I'm going to go postal. The good news is that the pope is so hard up to pay his lawyers and his victims, that he'll take just about anybody with a pen and a pulse. Fuck it. It's better than having to work. Besides, i can file my teeth for a couple of years and then try to apply to a PhD program with some juice.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Fuck Thomas Friedman.

The idea that opening up global markets to free trade is not something new. I'm not an economist but, i understand that the Dutch were the true masters of of what is now called globalization. They spread the influence of their culture, became a world power and were true pimps of the C.R.E.A.M. world view of empire building. The great thing is that they did it without burning down villages or using artillery shells. I have not read Thomas Friedman's books. I admit it, but i am familiar with his essays in the New York Times, have seen him give numerous interviews and watched his PBS specials. So, take this with a grain of salt, but the dude is, in my humble opinion, another apologist for our brutal behavior and the pillaging of resources around the globe. His contention is that even the shittiest of countries can contribute to and gain from open markets. So, anyone with an internet connection can engage in the process of free enterprise and thereby make it big. Great idea if you don't live in a mud hut or shanty town. i keep hearing his name come up when these freaks come on FOX news trying to justify our imperialism. i have a great idea and you can print it up in the NYT if you like, free of charge. Lets leave everyone alone. Shut down all the hundreds of military bases, close off our markets, build a wall and curl up into the fetal position. That way we can do what the Dutch have been doing since the days of the English empire; avoiding the hatred of the world and stopping to smell the tulips every now and again. For an honest evaluation of Globalization crash the Lexus into an olive tree and go pick up a copy of Globalism: The New Market Ideology by Manfred Steger.

Brotha Can You Spare a Dime?

I'm no economist and I don't understand half the shit I am reading about the banking crisis, the housing crisis, the deficit crisis and all the crisis' I am seeing played out before me on CNN. It appears that gas is ridiculously high, the price of bread, eggs and milk are skyrocketing and even whores are costing $8k a pop. I know one thing, white people are nervous. Not just any white people, rich, white people are nervous. This indicates to me, that the rest of us should be shitting our pants right about now. I have been unemployed for over a year now and yet on my wife's small salary as a psychology fellow we manage to live comfortably...so far. I sense, however, that my little "Lebowsky" lifestyle is coming to an end. If someone with a an IQ over 70 doesn't take charge of this country soon, I will have to cut my hair, grab a cup of latte in the morning and sit at a fucking cubicle like the rest of you slaves and that my friends is unacceptable! I knew and i suspect many other people, including the same nervous honkys i previously mentioned, knew that this was bound to happen. The current sad state of economic chaos is a direct result of the shit for brains approach to running a country. All of you supply-siders, all of you NAFTA junkies, all of you Regan groupies all of you de-regulation loving mother fuckers take note; This is YOUR FUCKING MESS! You are responsible for the collapse of America; not Bill Clinton, not Elliot Spitzer or Michael Moore or even that piece of shit now in the Oval Office, YOU! You packaged the lies, the pushed the propaganda and you sold it to the wholly stupid who didn't suspect your false motivations. You knew better and you only cared about you and and yours. This is the end result. Lincoln Steffans warned us over a hundred years ago, that we "deserve the type of government that we get". He was right then and he is right today. People, if you aren't pissed, you are asleep and like George Carlin says, they "call it the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe in it."
Stay frosty!

Monday, March 10, 2008

My Devil Dog Weekend

My sweet, little, baby cousin is all grown up now. He is an active duty Marine (not one of those reserve pukes, thank god) at 29 Palms, CA. So, a short drive through the desert and voila, civilization returns in the form of Southern L.A.(not very civil at all, really). I took him on one of my famous tours of all the great South Bay sights including, Manhattan and Hermosa Beach, The Redondo Beach Pier and the whale watching station at Palos Verdes. I made Paella and showed him how to brew beer. I was a one man USO show. It was the least i could do to show appreciation for our people in uniform. Now, if only I could get the pentagon to stop dumping 12 billion a month into a shitty war no one wanted in the first place, i will have done my best for him and all his fellow Leather Necks. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/03/10/studies-iraq-costs-us-1_n_90694.html

Leon is an Asshole

The fucking thing won't come, won't warn me of danger, won't play with me, runs the other way when he sees me coming and wakes me up at 4am because he wants attention. He wouldn't even stand still for this foto; thats why it's all crooked and fuzzy. All that and I have to waste money feeding him. At this point I view him as an oversized, expensive squeeze toy for the chihuahua. Fucking, Leon you asshole! He is cute though.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Calling it Early...

I know it's still early and all, but i will come out and say it. i have Barack Fever. I am having a Barackattack! Fuck it! So should you. Let's face it, the guy is the freshest thing to hit politics since Lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation. He is awesome and the first candidate in any race i have contributed time, money or effort to since Mike O'Connor and Joel Erickson ran for domination of the hearts and minds of Berwynites. Maybe many moons from now you will be mocking me for my decision to call it this early. Perhaps when I told my father-in-law, 4 years ago (yes, i was a Barack fan back then), that Barack could take it all (president), despite being a black man in a white man's world, I was wrong. And just maybe I have contracted a bit of the ol' jungle fever, but goddamn it, if there is one candidate of which it could be said, "things will change by his/her hand", then Barack is our candidate! Like Chomsky said of Clinton, Same wine, different bottle. Do you really think McCain will bring anything new to the table either?? It's all kabuki, kids! But. we have a chance now to wash away the sins of the world and make it all count. This is the man. This is the hour. His name is Barack Hussein Obama and he will lead us from the darkness and into the light. His name will resonate through the annals of history and the people will know that now and forever greatness can break through the evil of this world and bring change that will elevate the conscious of a nation. No longer will the world suffer through fear and pain. One person can bring change and unite mankind in a dance of destiny unlike no people in history have known! ONE NATION, ONE PEOPLE, ONE LEADER! HAIL BARACK!

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