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Monday, March 03, 2008

Calling it Early...

I know it's still early and all, but i will come out and say it. i have Barack Fever. I am having a Barackattack! Fuck it! So should you. Let's face it, the guy is the freshest thing to hit politics since Lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation. He is awesome and the first candidate in any race i have contributed time, money or effort to since Mike O'Connor and Joel Erickson ran for domination of the hearts and minds of Berwynites. Maybe many moons from now you will be mocking me for my decision to call it this early. Perhaps when I told my father-in-law, 4 years ago (yes, i was a Barack fan back then), that Barack could take it all (president), despite being a black man in a white man's world, I was wrong. And just maybe I have contracted a bit of the ol' jungle fever, but goddamn it, if there is one candidate of which it could be said, "things will change by his/her hand", then Barack is our candidate! Like Chomsky said of Clinton, Same wine, different bottle. Do you really think McCain will bring anything new to the table either?? It's all kabuki, kids! But. we have a chance now to wash away the sins of the world and make it all count. This is the man. This is the hour. His name is Barack Hussein Obama and he will lead us from the darkness and into the light. His name will resonate through the annals of history and the people will know that now and forever greatness can break through the evil of this world and bring change that will elevate the conscious of a nation. No longer will the world suffer through fear and pain. One person can bring change and unite mankind in a dance of destiny unlike no people in history have known! ONE NATION, ONE PEOPLE, ONE LEADER! HAIL BARACK!

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