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Monday, March 31, 2008

CNN: A Broken Record Should be Smashed to Bits

For Christ's sake, man! CNN has been relentless with the goddamn black, racist, preacher story for going on 3 weeks now. Even those shitty local networks have moved on to how Hillary is scraping by and can't even pay the health care insurance of her staffers. It's a non story. Let me say it again, IT'S A NON STORY! This is a prime example of how the media distorts information in an attempt to railroad someone. This is what they did to Howard Dean when he yelped on stage a few years back and it's what they did when a bunch of lowlifes tried to discredit Kerry's honorable service to this country. Except this time if blew up in their faces and no one cares. In fact, BO gave what is one of the best and most intelligent speeches on race relations in this country in years. I got sick of all the racist commentary being portrayed as intelligent discussion and wrote that bloated asshole and legendary wetback hunter, Lou Dobbs this note:

"Would you please move on! We get it, Lou. You and the rest of white America are terrified of having an angry black man running the country. I'm from Illinois and I assure you, Barack Obama is not going to send you back to Europe. Now why don't you and the rest of the paranoid Anglos on your network focus on something with substance. Hey, I know... we've just spent five years fighting one of the most unpopular wars in American history. Maybe that's newsworthy???"

The fact is, that the fifth anniversary of our illegal invasion of Iraq came and went and the media totally ignored it. The 4000th death in Iraq happened and the media ignored it! Instead, they showed a fearsome black man in Kente robes pounding a podium and damning this country to hell for it's negligence of duty and fear of the unexplainable. Do you want to know why black people are still angry at white America? I'm not going to tell you. Instead, you can just draw the same tired ass conclusions that Dobbs and the rest of those morons have come to. But, those of you who want to understand should read books like, "Buried in the Bitter Waters" or "Strength for the Fight". These books illustrate the hurdles put in place against blacks by a white majority, apartheid, government who condoned the systematic oppression of people of color for over a hundred years after the end of slavery (longer if you count the fiasco that was the aftermath of hurricane Katrina). The injustices didn't end with the emancipation proclamation so you'll have to excuse young and old black folk alike, if they don't feel like shuffling around, singing, "Don't Worry, Be Happy." The picture above illustrates the world that Jeremiah Wright was welcomed into. And Dobbs sits there rubbing his brow asking how can someone in that man's position be so angry??? Well, don't worry you dumb cracker, cuz when the meek inherit the earth, this November, we'll make sure to make it clear to you. You'll get to keep your precious gated communities and i promise you won't miss out on a single golf outing, but just don't expect forty acres and a mule.

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