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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back to That Same Ol' Place Sweet Home...

It's 2am. I sit in a trendy, Irish bar in Forest Park. Trendy and Irish are two words rarely found in the same sentence. I try to write, on a cocktail napkin, the next great American novel or script or even an award winning poem. Nothing comes. The drunk parolee', a few stools down, and his chola girlfriend have commandeered the juke box and now all it plays are U2 songs. All fucking night I have been listening to that filthy, cunt whine about what a bunch of bastards the English are. Jesus, I hate U2. I'm blocked because of it. I guess the homegirl must still have some sense of taste in music to compensate for her bad taste in men, because suddenly an old RHCP song comes on. There it is. Both of the worlds, past and present, old V and new V break away from each other as easily as the noise box changes the tune. I like the new V better. The blood pressure is lower, the anger subsides quicker and the words come easier. I chose the new V or better yet he chose me. But, now i face a great new dilemma. I am at the crossroads once again and the devil has not come to greet me. I must choose alone. No deals this time. It's for keeps and my decision will make or break me. Stay tuned.

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