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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Samurai Slack

Alright, you can all stop bitching now. I have posted my film on Google films, Youtube and here on my blog. CalArts saw this film and decided I was a good enough film maker to be put on their "short wait" list. So, before you write me to tell me that this film sucked, keep in mind that, this is the same school that Gendy Tartakovsky attended, which means that these people now a thing or two about cool Samurai. while i may value your opinion as a friend, the experts have spoken and they say it is good. Share it with your friends, enemies and family. I prefer you watch it on YouTube. My goal in life is to bump that "chocolate rain" guy off the most watched list or at least put the crying Brittany guy out of circulation.
Update: I'm sorry. This site blows for uploading videos. I tried 3X and failed. So, it's Youtube city babys. Hit the link to access the best samurai movie made since Toshiro Mifune swung a katana.

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