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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


"Lions for Lambs" wasn't a particularly good movie. In fact, though I'm certain Redford intended it to open dialog about the war, most people ignored it like they have "Redacted", "In the Valley of Ellah" and just about any movie drawing attention to the fact that we are embroiled in one of the largest military catastrophes in history. The movie does have one scene that I found intriguing. I thought the scene where the two protagonists of the movie were giving a talk on the idea of "Engagement" was about the only time I was interested in the film. That being engagement of our problems here at home. Not just being aware, but actually tackling the largest social ills our society has. No not, gays or abortion or any of the usual red herrings. Things like global warming, poverty, a failed school system; the stuff that if solved will be better for everyone, not just the usual bullshit you here from our candidates around election time. It's the only scene in the movie i thought to have a great message and that is that we all have to sacrifice for the greater good.
I have for some time believed that we need to make citizenship more than just a game of johnny tackle; y'know break the defensive line, touch the gate and your good till someone makes you stand on the line. I am perfectly willing to open the door to all immigrants willing to serve our country. But, I think that it's time that some of these right wing douche bags for freedom put their money where their mouths are. We make service to our country a condition for citizenship. Just like "Starship Troopers". You want to vote? You want access to benefits? You want a voice?? You serve!
I believe that every American should have to, in some way or another, serve this country. Americorp, military, peace corp, local or state government; something, anything that will cause Americans to value memorial day or the idea that you should not be entitled to live in this country and act like a slob towards people from other ones just because you were born here. It would be great to see Native American honkeys like Lou Dobbs try to weasel their way out of having to walk the line. What should count more than anything is what you are going to do for this country. Fuck Ayn Rand, Kennedy was right! So, when you see some dude hanging out in front of "Home Depot" or you get into a cab or the next time you are watching CNN, take a moment and ask yourself, "wouldn't it be better if that asshole was digging a latrine somewhere??"

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ironman, Ironman, Does Whatever an...Wait, That's Not Right

Dude, I rarely go see a movie twice on the big screen, but Iron man definitely was worth the effort and $. It's one of the best comic book movies out there and if the next one has The Avengers in it, as is indicated by about 20 seconds of what looks to be the sequel shown at the end of the the film, then I will probably set up a tent to see it. That's what Hollywood needs, big action films that are only worth seeing on the big screen. Everything else is a waste of digital film. Robert Downey Jr. was a perfect Tony Stark and did the character justice. They really got this film right, now if only they had not fucked the video game up so bad. Jesus, they really screwed the pooch over at Sega this time! But, I really think it would be great if we could develop an Iron man to kick ass throughout the world. It would be much better than actually using Blackwater or the Marines. It probably wouldn't cost more than a six pack of F-22 Raptors to develop one (o.k. it probably would). Just think, next time we pre-emptively invade a country for not attacking us after having starved their people, destroyed their infrastructure and supported their homicidal dictator for decades, we can just send in the Iron man and really kick some ass!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

I Can Always Do Porn

It has been a week since I made my decision and I feel little regret. Though I did have a hard time dealing with UCR last week with getting some of my shit together, I am looking ahead to my classes later this fall. I was thinking that if I had chosen to go to USC I might have ended up one of those poor saps that has to work for a living. 200K in the hole is no way to end up after finishing any art program. Of course the sure way to avoid cubicle life after film school is PORN. I may have missed out on shooting orgies, gangbangs, three ways, double penetration, scat, lesbian, bestiality and Japanese puke videos. Of course, one doesn't really need an MFA for such things but, in Hollyweird it's who you know and the connecs coming out of USC would most certainly have landed me at the very least a catering or best boy job on a future set of "Tranny Train vol . X". In any case I, in preparation for entering this writing program, will be working on a few projects that I have either abandoned or ignored due to a lack of enthusiasm. Of course, I will continue to publish this blog but, as I warned you last week, your days of free entertainment are numbered.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

I'm a Writer!

Besides the fact that film school was going to run me about 150-200k, that it was going to take up all of my time, that UC Riverside actually has offered me a fellowship that will pay for my graduate studies and a then some, besides having to spend the rest of my life working off my student loans if i chose to go to USC, ultimately I am a writer. It's what i do and if i may blow smoke up my own ass, I do it well. I will "what if" this decision for decades to come. I could have been a great director or editor or producer but, then i might have wound up like Troy Duffy and so many others that have been chewed up and spit out by the system. This was a logical choice
and one I am happy with. I'm not liking the 32 miles one way commute but, honestly the program has teeth; the classes i will be taking will be in everything from screenwriting to graphic novels. And the best part of all of this is that film school is not completely out of the picture (no pun). See, if i had committed to USC i would have most likely chewed up all financial aid and made life miserable for myself and family. This way I can nail down my MFA on the cheap from a respectable program and when done get into the USC film school's (super badass) Critical Studies Program; There is more than one way to skin a Trojan. So, wish me well and don't forget I will be a legit writer very soon and you will have to pay for the privilege of reading me call Billy Corgan a cocksucker or Ann Coulter a miserable piece of shit.

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