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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


"Lions for Lambs" wasn't a particularly good movie. In fact, though I'm certain Redford intended it to open dialog about the war, most people ignored it like they have "Redacted", "In the Valley of Ellah" and just about any movie drawing attention to the fact that we are embroiled in one of the largest military catastrophes in history. The movie does have one scene that I found intriguing. I thought the scene where the two protagonists of the movie were giving a talk on the idea of "Engagement" was about the only time I was interested in the film. That being engagement of our problems here at home. Not just being aware, but actually tackling the largest social ills our society has. No not, gays or abortion or any of the usual red herrings. Things like global warming, poverty, a failed school system; the stuff that if solved will be better for everyone, not just the usual bullshit you here from our candidates around election time. It's the only scene in the movie i thought to have a great message and that is that we all have to sacrifice for the greater good.
I have for some time believed that we need to make citizenship more than just a game of johnny tackle; y'know break the defensive line, touch the gate and your good till someone makes you stand on the line. I am perfectly willing to open the door to all immigrants willing to serve our country. But, I think that it's time that some of these right wing douche bags for freedom put their money where their mouths are. We make service to our country a condition for citizenship. Just like "Starship Troopers". You want to vote? You want access to benefits? You want a voice?? You serve!
I believe that every American should have to, in some way or another, serve this country. Americorp, military, peace corp, local or state government; something, anything that will cause Americans to value memorial day or the idea that you should not be entitled to live in this country and act like a slob towards people from other ones just because you were born here. It would be great to see Native American honkeys like Lou Dobbs try to weasel their way out of having to walk the line. What should count more than anything is what you are going to do for this country. Fuck Ayn Rand, Kennedy was right! So, when you see some dude hanging out in front of "Home Depot" or you get into a cab or the next time you are watching CNN, take a moment and ask yourself, "wouldn't it be better if that asshole was digging a latrine somewhere??"

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