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Sunday, May 04, 2008

I'm a Writer!

Besides the fact that film school was going to run me about 150-200k, that it was going to take up all of my time, that UC Riverside actually has offered me a fellowship that will pay for my graduate studies and a then some, besides having to spend the rest of my life working off my student loans if i chose to go to USC, ultimately I am a writer. It's what i do and if i may blow smoke up my own ass, I do it well. I will "what if" this decision for decades to come. I could have been a great director or editor or producer but, then i might have wound up like Troy Duffy and so many others that have been chewed up and spit out by the system. This was a logical choice
and one I am happy with. I'm not liking the 32 miles one way commute but, honestly the program has teeth; the classes i will be taking will be in everything from screenwriting to graphic novels. And the best part of all of this is that film school is not completely out of the picture (no pun). See, if i had committed to USC i would have most likely chewed up all financial aid and made life miserable for myself and family. This way I can nail down my MFA on the cheap from a respectable program and when done get into the USC film school's (super badass) Critical Studies Program; There is more than one way to skin a Trojan. So, wish me well and don't forget I will be a legit writer very soon and you will have to pay for the privilege of reading me call Billy Corgan a cocksucker or Ann Coulter a miserable piece of shit.

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