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Monday, June 09, 2008

Y'know it's Hard Out Here For a Pimp

Have you seen this "Keeping up with the Kardashians"?? It crosses the line. Really, it's got to be about the most vile display of how low networks have sunk in an attempt to get ratings. I'm no prude by any stretch of the imagination. I am all for public decapitations, porno and even allowing Ann Coulter to show her disgusting, horsey, face on FOX now and again; but this show has got to be the most disturbing thing I have ever seen. First off, Robert Kardashian, you might remember, was OJ's lawyer and the guy that was suspected of having stashed the evidence from Nicole's murder. He died a couple years ago and the pig you see in the photo here is his former wife. She remarried, of all fucking people, Bruce Jenner; yeah, the breakfast champion that kids like me grew up worshiping for his ability to run like the wind and bring home the gold. What a let down that guy. First he chops off his face, now this.
It turns out the mom, Kris (piggy in the photo), is handling her daughter's business affairs and taking 10%; i speculate, that it includes whatever E! is giving them for their crappy reality show. Among the fascinating tidbits i saw, in the two episodes I braved, were this woman selling copies of a calendar that her daughter gave to her boyfriend, of herself, as a personal gift (without her knowledge or a cut of the action) and watching her convince her daughter to show her tits in Playboy while trying to jack "The Heff" for the "collector's item" soap in the mansion. As if there is enough soap in the world to wash off the egg she has on her face.
Really, I'm pretty tolerant of all kinds of disturbing behavior. I especially love it when the un-religious right gets a healthy dose of their own hypocrisy. There is nothing I can't stand more than a moralist... except maybe a relativist. E! and executive producer Ryan "Stuck in the Closet" Seacrest have given the world another example of why the filthy rich should be stripped of everything they own and sterilized without anesthesia. What good is all the money in the world when this is all you can contribute to our society? Aren't parents supposed to look out for their kids not pimp them out and rip them off? This piece of shit show normalizes the type of behavior normally only seen in wild animal shows or Greek mythology.
Yeah, I know just flip the channel. i got a better idea. I will start my own show where every week I, as your host, find the most horrible and wretched people i can think of. We kidnap them, bring them into the studio and in front of a live audience make them watch those starving African kids bloat up from hunger and die. We'll force them to watch polar bears drown as the ice caps melt. We'll have police come in and beat them senseless and frame them for crimes they didn't commit. We'll force them to eat Ramen noodles and ketchup sandwiches off of a cockroach infested kitchen floor. And at the end of the show, we take them and drop them off in the middle of a third world slum without money, passport or a way to get home. In other words, we'll give them a reason to act like human, fucking, beings again. Now that, is must fucking see TV!

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