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Monday, July 21, 2008

The War is Over... If You Ignore it

History has a way of repeating itself. Posters like this one were used as propaganda in war on all sides of the fight. The Nazi's showed us as weaklings. We showed them as barbarians. You get the picture. Though the one seen here is obviously a parody, what they try to do is drive people into categories; those that are with us, or those that are with the enemy. GW's legacy will be that he pushed our nation into these categories more than any other person in the history of our country. While the wars rage on and people are being ground up, our constitution is being tampered with in ways that the founding fathers would find revolting. Remember the FISA fiasco that took place for nearly two years before anyone even noticed? Yeah, the one that gave the government the right to tap your phone without permission or probable cause. Well, while you continued to worry about who wears what lapel pins, the Department of Justice came up with another brilliant little plan to use the constitution as toilet paper. It seems that waterboarding might be an option soon for anyone who decided to be born of Middle-East decent. The headline says it all:
"Terror profiling without evidence considered in U.S."

Read the whole story here:
No really, please read it. It's disturbing. From what I have seen the only paper interested in printing the story is USA Today. Don't worry if you are too busy to read it, get angry, call a senator or write GW a letter wishing him good ridance . The media ignored the FISA story and they will ignore this one also. Now, if they would only ignore the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Oh, I forgot. They already do.

Monday, July 14, 2008

A Bad Week For Assholes

That evil, pigfucking, racist, bag of shit Jesse Helms is finally dead. If there is a Satan, he is being gang raped in hell by some of the innocent victims of his pathetic ideology. Don't feel bad for that asshole and don't think that just because he is dead he deserves to be remembered as a saint. Aside from his constant attacks against people of color, homosexuals and intellectualism he was a hypocrite of the highest caliber who said in an interview, as recently as 1981, "crime rates and irresponsibility among Negroes are a fact of life which must be faced". Not in 51', 81'. Fuck Jesse Helms and Piss on his memory! My one hope is that in years to come his gravesite is used as a place where weary travelers going through that shit-hole state of North Carolina can relieve their bowels and bladders.
The next asshole is no less full of shit but of the same ilk as Helms. Fellow Republican and shit bag extraordinaire Phil Gramm called us (Yes, US, you and ME) a nation of whiners. Now, I might be inclined to agree with him if he were talking about millenials or professional baseball players, but his comments were directed at us because we little people think that $5 gas, a million fore-closed houses, rampant unemployment, a looming banking crisis' and fighting 2 illegal wars at the same time is bullshit. Of course, in typical fuck-face fashion he back peddled and said he wasn't talking about Mr. and Mrs. America. Bullshit! He showed his true colors and I suspect that he voiced the opinion of the common Republican in that diseased, whorehouse we know as the U.S. Congress. Fuck Phil Gramm and shit on John Mccain for having a douche bag for an economics expert on his election team. Gramm deserves to be stripped naked and be eaten alive by rabid hyenas.
Lastly, Jesse Jackson. I kinda like Jesse. He was a guy who stuck his neck out and took alot of shit so that his people could move forward. I admire that. But, there was a time that a political or social leader ran things then they went away and let the young, motivated lions fight the fight. Of course, Jesse is an asshole for saying that Barack talks down to black people when he asks them to practice personal accountability. Personal accountability is good thing for all. But, who then am I angry at? The stupid, fucking, jagoffs at FOX that have targeted Barack Obama with racist rhetoric, a relentless character assassination campaign and rhetorical thugery of the worst kind. Fuck FOX, especially Bill "Loofah" O'Reilly, for using underhanded, scumy tactics to try and derail the democratic process. Yeah, Jesse said some stupid bullshit, but the fact that he was whispering to the guy sitting next to him speaks to the fact that it was a private conversation and O'Reilly, true to his shitbag form, used the video to try and embarass Jesse and Barack.
What a bunch of fucking assholes one and all!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Legalizing Murder

It's always Texas, isn't it?
Some old codger went and killed two dirt bags who were stealing shit from his neighbor's house. Now, I'm all for people owning guns and protecting their shit and their lives (and their shitty lives), but this is fucked up. Apparently the law in Texas allows people to go around shooting anyone who comes on to their property. That's about all there is to it. If someone doesn't like you and you step onto their property they can kill you! Of course, the reasonable assumption is that you would have to be committing a crime at the time, but dead men tell no tales. So, 62 year old Joe Horn decided that he was going to go out on his front porch and shoot a couple of guys IN THE BACK, Texas vigilante style! I'm sorry but something isn't right here. No grand jury indictment?? At least, at the very fucking least, there should be a felony "unlawful use of a weapon". I don't understand this. The DA in that part of Texas must be a real inept turd to get this thrown out without so much as a fine. The fact is that the guy killed 2 people and there isn't going to even be a trial to make sure he was justified??? No facts will be brought forth to show that he SHOT TWO PEOPLE IN THE BACK? Jesus, I suppose we should expect this from the state that gave us the worst president EVER. What a shitty place Texas is. They have some of the most poverty stricken counties in the United States, they allow drugs and illegal immigrants to pour through their border and they have some of the worst social services in the country and let's not forget that they execute more people on death row then all the other states combined. Bestiality is legal but, gay sex (consensual) isn't in Texas. Jesus, what a sad place, you can fuck your horse but not your cowboy. Only in a hell hole like Texas would it be o.k. to shoot people IN THE BACK. I mean let's face it, on every corner of the planet shooting people in the back is an act of cowardice or terrorism and it's been that way since there were guns. Apparently, in Texas it's good law.

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