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Monday, July 14, 2008

A Bad Week For Assholes

That evil, pigfucking, racist, bag of shit Jesse Helms is finally dead. If there is a Satan, he is being gang raped in hell by some of the innocent victims of his pathetic ideology. Don't feel bad for that asshole and don't think that just because he is dead he deserves to be remembered as a saint. Aside from his constant attacks against people of color, homosexuals and intellectualism he was a hypocrite of the highest caliber who said in an interview, as recently as 1981, "crime rates and irresponsibility among Negroes are a fact of life which must be faced". Not in 51', 81'. Fuck Jesse Helms and Piss on his memory! My one hope is that in years to come his gravesite is used as a place where weary travelers going through that shit-hole state of North Carolina can relieve their bowels and bladders.
The next asshole is no less full of shit but of the same ilk as Helms. Fellow Republican and shit bag extraordinaire Phil Gramm called us (Yes, US, you and ME) a nation of whiners. Now, I might be inclined to agree with him if he were talking about millenials or professional baseball players, but his comments were directed at us because we little people think that $5 gas, a million fore-closed houses, rampant unemployment, a looming banking crisis' and fighting 2 illegal wars at the same time is bullshit. Of course, in typical fuck-face fashion he back peddled and said he wasn't talking about Mr. and Mrs. America. Bullshit! He showed his true colors and I suspect that he voiced the opinion of the common Republican in that diseased, whorehouse we know as the U.S. Congress. Fuck Phil Gramm and shit on John Mccain for having a douche bag for an economics expert on his election team. Gramm deserves to be stripped naked and be eaten alive by rabid hyenas.
Lastly, Jesse Jackson. I kinda like Jesse. He was a guy who stuck his neck out and took alot of shit so that his people could move forward. I admire that. But, there was a time that a political or social leader ran things then they went away and let the young, motivated lions fight the fight. Of course, Jesse is an asshole for saying that Barack talks down to black people when he asks them to practice personal accountability. Personal accountability is good thing for all. But, who then am I angry at? The stupid, fucking, jagoffs at FOX that have targeted Barack Obama with racist rhetoric, a relentless character assassination campaign and rhetorical thugery of the worst kind. Fuck FOX, especially Bill "Loofah" O'Reilly, for using underhanded, scumy tactics to try and derail the democratic process. Yeah, Jesse said some stupid bullshit, but the fact that he was whispering to the guy sitting next to him speaks to the fact that it was a private conversation and O'Reilly, true to his shitbag form, used the video to try and embarass Jesse and Barack.
What a bunch of fucking assholes one and all!

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