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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Legalizing Murder

It's always Texas, isn't it?
Some old codger went and killed two dirt bags who were stealing shit from his neighbor's house. Now, I'm all for people owning guns and protecting their shit and their lives (and their shitty lives), but this is fucked up. Apparently the law in Texas allows people to go around shooting anyone who comes on to their property. That's about all there is to it. If someone doesn't like you and you step onto their property they can kill you! Of course, the reasonable assumption is that you would have to be committing a crime at the time, but dead men tell no tales. So, 62 year old Joe Horn decided that he was going to go out on his front porch and shoot a couple of guys IN THE BACK, Texas vigilante style! I'm sorry but something isn't right here. No grand jury indictment?? At least, at the very fucking least, there should be a felony "unlawful use of a weapon". I don't understand this. The DA in that part of Texas must be a real inept turd to get this thrown out without so much as a fine. The fact is that the guy killed 2 people and there isn't going to even be a trial to make sure he was justified??? No facts will be brought forth to show that he SHOT TWO PEOPLE IN THE BACK? Jesus, I suppose we should expect this from the state that gave us the worst president EVER. What a shitty place Texas is. They have some of the most poverty stricken counties in the United States, they allow drugs and illegal immigrants to pour through their border and they have some of the worst social services in the country and let's not forget that they execute more people on death row then all the other states combined. Bestiality is legal but, gay sex (consensual) isn't in Texas. Jesus, what a sad place, you can fuck your horse but not your cowboy. Only in a hell hole like Texas would it be o.k. to shoot people IN THE BACK. I mean let's face it, on every corner of the planet shooting people in the back is an act of cowardice or terrorism and it's been that way since there were guns. Apparently, in Texas it's good law.

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