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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

For the Record... FUCK CHINA!

Here's a fucked up little tidbi;, George Bush refused to set foot in Greece at the last Olympics. GREECE, you know, birthplace of democracy and the home of saganaki (yum). Yet, he's proudly announced that there is no way he would ever miss out on the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics. China, excuse me COMMUNIST China, is the worst, modern police state in the world. They have forced labor of children, imprisonment of social, political and religious activists, many of whom are sentenced to death and they have illegally occupied a sovereign nation for several decades, not to mention that they spy on their people in a way that would make that whole telecom thing look like a booger in my moo-shu. I know the Dalli Lama is full of shit. If he were restored to power he'd create his own little theocratic dictatorship, so fuck him too. But, for Christ's sake, China excuse me COMMUNIST China, has one of the worst human rights records on the planet and has for decades. Forget all that bullshit Lou Dobbs talks about these commie bastards trying to take over the world and destroying the middle class of our country. Our country's middle class has worse enemys trying to destroy it, including that biggoted asshole. Forget that the Chinese are so backwards that they honestly believe that the cure for everything from acne to Aids is powdered animal penis (I'd hate to be anything with fur and testicles in that country). China, excuse me COMMUNIST China, is one of the worst places on the planet to live if you have an opinion. I would be in prison right now if I had been born Chinese. That's because only the scared and the stupid can get by in a place like that. So, for every one of those people in their country that can't say it, I'll say it for you, FUCK CHINA!!!
I know we don't play fair when it comes to our trading practices; America plays the victim all the time when it comes to making money. We fuck people all over the world and pretend zero accountability is our birth right. It's been that way since we traded 12 beads for all of Manhattan Island. I know it and if you have been reading me long enough, so do you. But, China, excuse me COMMUNIST China, with the help of it's enablers like the Bush administration and money hungry corporations like Walmart, have been fucking not only Americans, but their own people as well. Last I checked the Chinese were among the worst paid, worst protected, most injured and killed on the job site and least skilled or educated workers world wide, thanks to their own government. So, for those of us who haven't got the balls to say it, I'll say it, FUCK GREEDY AMERICAN CORPORATIONS AND POLITICIANS! China, excuse me COMMUNIST China has a long way to go before it is deserving of the presitge and respect that comes with hosting the Olympics, at least in my book. But, then it shouldn't surprise anyone that these crafty, little, commie, fuckers are pulling this off; they've managed to deceive the American public into buying their shitty, mass produced, poison-laced, fire hazardous, plastic garbage for decades. Oh wait, that's Walmart isn't it? Who can tell the difference these days??

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