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Sunday, August 24, 2008

This Probably Won't Help But...

Would the Hillary supporters please shut this window and go read the Huffington Post or the NYT online. We'll wait, it's no problem... I'll be here next week with something funny or interesting to say that won't offend you... Ok, are they gone? Good. What a bunch of swollen pussies those people are. Can you believe them?? Jesus, She fucking lost get over it! What the fuck is wrong with those people?? It's like the fate of the fucking country is resting upon the ability of stupid children to learn how to share. Clearly these assholes don't have any sense of decency or loyalty. And I'm not talking about the Democratic party. I'm talking about human decency and loyalty to our country. Fuck the Democratic party. These days they're just as bad as the GOP and have clearly not learned a fucking thing from their nearly 14 year exile. Joe Biden is not exactly what I was hoping for. The guy has a great record but let's face it, he's not the CHANGE we are being told we can BELIEVE in. The problem with these Hillaristas is that they haven't got a sense of fair play. Kind of like Hillary. This coming election is about issues. McCain wants to keep us in Iraq for the next 100 years, Barack doesn't; McCain doesn't know how many houses he owns, Barack does; a McCain presidency promises to be an extended play of the same shitty, fascist agendas of the last 30 years, Barack clearly wants to shake things up a bit. So, why is it so hard for the Hillaristas to give it up, close ranks and move forward? I think examining who these fucking people are might be constructive. Let's see, for the most part they have been described as suburban, females with families of two or more that have white collar jobs or a husband who carries all the weight. In other words, they are the bored, clap traps that you see when you take a day off from work and go into a Target or Starbucks to hang out for awhile. You know, they have the work out clothes on, even though they don't go to the gym or they have the hottest new phones with earpiece, even though they're hands are always free because they DON'T DO FUCKING SHIT ALL DAY! Seriously, gals, you need to get a fucking life. Go work with blind kids or better yet volunteer to work a few hours a week on a political campaign. I hear there's this really great candidate named Barack that wants to make our country a better place, he could sure use the help. Vote for McCain? What the fuck is wrong with them? There's much more at stake right now then Hillary and Bill's tired ass agenda. If the constitution means anything to you, if sending young men and women to their deaths matters to you, if you think the common person who is struggling to keep their home is worth standing up for then, for fucks sake, how can you say you are a Democrat who intends to vote for McCain because it ain't Hillary? Jesus, get your fucking head examined!!!

UPDATE: This is a great link showing a couple of these nutcases in action. It's great to see a diseased mind fall apart on CNN:

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