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Sunday, September 14, 2008

All In Favor of McCain-Palin, Raise Your Hands

Let's be honest for a moment. For as long as there have been political candidates there have been white men willing to exploit race; the Hispanic vote, Black vote, woman's vote etc...; we didn't make that shit up, they did. Candidates have had to sell not just their ideas, but what they were going to do for each of us as a group, however it is that we have identified ourselves. This has led to pandering by assholes who never keep any of their promises and always have an excuse for not pulling the trigger when it comes time to support legislation we ask for. Case in point, John McCain, like so many of his ilk, says that the Republican party is the party of inclusion and that he will bring about change. Ok, except that he voted against making MLK's birthday a national holiday. Another example is how those Cubans down in South Florida have been promised the head of Fidel Castro by every Republican in the state for the last 40 years. They just love the GOP down there, but those knuckleheads haven't seen one gray hair of that cocksucker's beard, yet.
So here we are at a point in human history where after having rich, white guys in gaudy ties ask us minorities for decades to support them, the tables are turned. And apparently some of crackers have a problem with this. It's really fucked up that you can't get over the fact that he's black.
We got a black dude that is running for the highest office and more important than the fact that he is black, he's one of us; a son of the working class. Forget that Muslim non-sense, it's not true. Forget the Tony Rezko connection, it's overblown. Forget Hillary, it's over and it's not his fault that she lost. This is a guy who came up from nothing. He had every road block imaginable placed in front of him and he still overcame; a real pull yourself up by the bootstraps kinda story that Americans love to hear.
I have to say this to people who won't vote for him; BO is the candidate of decent, hard working American men and women. He is clearly qualified, despite what you hear about his lack of years in the senate and has a sincerity about righting the wrongs of the last 30 years. McCain and Palin are more of the same; point blank! I don't recall seeing or hearing of a ticket being so fucked up in all my years of following politics, and I was around for Bush/Quayle (that was a fucking miracle for them). So, either you fall into that 30% category of die hard, Bush supporting, crackpots that think everything is just fine or you are a racist piece of shit at heart. I say this with no attempt at being glib or trying to anger anyone. I'm trying to shame you into realizing that you have an opportunity to prove race really doesn't matter to you and you are going to blow it. The fact is, that a vote for McCain, just like a vote for Bush in 00 and 04, is a vote against your own working class interests. Why would you vote against a guy that wants to bring jobs back to your community, lower your taxes and make the corporations finally start paying their fair share, put this country on the right track towards energy independence without doing more damage to the environment, make health care accessible and affordable? Seriously, if you are holding down a job making less then $250 a year, BO is your guy. And if you have a larger income then that, the fact is that under Bill Clinton (who's tax rate BO proposes to use on the MEGA WEALTHY) you didn't exactly suffer or starve and you made plenty of dough even though your taxes were SLIGHTLY higher(that's a genuine fact).
So, what other explanation can there be? "I just don't like/trust him"; I've heard that one. It's code for "He's black and he'll make us pay for all the bad shit we did." "He's too liberal"; that one's code too for, "He's black and he'll make us pay for all the bad shit we did." "He wants abortion/stem cell research/gay marriage"; that one's code for, "He's black and he'll make the homos make us pay for all the bad shit we did."
It's time for a reality check. Yes, he's black. But then, as the French say, if you are not an elitist belonging to the investment class of this country, SO ARE YOU (Petit Blanc is the term, look it up you lazy fucker)!
Get over it.
Still not convinced there is racism and divisive politics at play in this election? Thanks for making my point for me "Family Research Council". You bunch of backwards, redneck, scumbags.:
Stiiiillll not convinced???? Palin quoted a declared and confirmed racist neo-fascist who wanted to see JFK murdered in her acceptance speech:
Dude, no doubt about it; these people are fucked up.

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