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Monday, September 22, 2008

I Want to Watch it All Come Down.

Now I'm not one to gloat or say I told you so, but if you read my blog back in March you were well prepared for the fiasco that has taken place on Wall street. Henry Paulson, GWB's man on point, has screwed the pooch. He did what was expected of a Bush appointee. Last week he tells us everything is cool and that the market is going to recover. This week of course, he has to come out and admit that everything is fucked and we are headed towards the worse crash since the great depression. Now, I'm not an economic genius. In fact, I can't balance my checkbook. But I know when I'm being bullshitted. Apparently some folks out there aren't as good at detecting bovine turds, because so many of them signed up for mortgages that they very clearly could never afford, to live in homes they had no way to afford; that we taxpayers are going to get screwed once again. Paulson, wants to save the economy by making us pay for the greed and stupidity that Wall street has been engaging in since the days of Bill Clinton (best Republican President, ever!). Of course, he also wants us to cover the pay offs to the millionaire fuck heads who have been stealing and ruining the company's that we now have to bail out.
Personally, the way I see it they owe us money. Guys like Ken Lay (may demon dogs tear at his soul for eternity) were just the tip of the iceberg and should have been a warning that the economic policies that loosened regulation on everything from banking, to trading, to paying corporate taxes needed to be revoked and those fat cats needed to be put under heel to avoid this very thing. If it were up to me people like Dennis Kozlowski (Tyco), Jeff Skilling (Enron) and now Daniel Mudd (Fannie Mae) and Richard Syron (Freddie Mac) would be dipped in chicken blood and thrown in a room with hungry badgers. Think about this, if you burnt the fries, spit in the burgers and pissed in the milkshakes your ass would be fired from any fast food joint. These thieving mother fuckers get million dollar bonuses for ripping off the American public and now we are supposed to give them money so they can keep doing it?? Not no, brothers and sisters; HELL NO!!!
So, how far are we from thunderdome? Assholes like Paulson and Bush think they are insulated. They may be right. But, you can be certain of one thing, as long as the world spins out of control, the pieces of shit who pull the strings have no place safe to hide for very long. The road is long but littered with burned out dune buggys and blood stained football pads. And McCain has the balls to say to us, "You wanna get out of here? You talk to me." That filthy bag of shit held Clinton's feet to the fire and forced him to sign the de-regulation legislation 10 years ago that started all of this. Fuck him! We do need another hero. Ok, enough Mad Max references. You get the point. We are in deep shit and we need accountability, regulation and above all to put an end to the root cause of this type of bullshit; the lie that the all America needs is greed.

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